Programming with
Data Structures and Algorithms

To work on your own computer, you'll need to download DrRacket.

When working through the How to Design Programs textbooks, use the appropriate language levels.

For everything else in this course (such as homeworks), we will use the Advanced Student level of How to Design Programs (Language | Choose Language...), augmented with the cs019 Teachpack (what's a Teachpack?).

Download this file, go into DrRacket, in the Language menu select Add Teachpack..., click the Add Teachpack to List... button (at the bottom-right), and select the downloaded file. DrRacket will compile this and add it to its library. Double-click on it, then click Run (or press F5). The third line in the Interactions window should now indicate this Teachpack is in use. (If you get an error such as “module: identifier already imported from a different source”, it may be because you have some other Teachpacks already selected. You shouldn't need any others, so use Language | Clear All Teachpacks, and then re-select just this one. If you still have a problem, contact the staff, providing a thorough description of what Teachpacks you have installed and what error you're getting.)

Working From Home

The Sunlab consultants maintain a guide (PDF) on how to work from home. It tells you how to, from your own machine, access the department machines to run programs and transfer files. CS17 also maintains guides (PDF) for Windows and Mac OS X.