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CS 17/18 provides an introduction to computation -- expressing computation, writing programs to make computers carry out computation, understanding the difficulty of a particular computation, and knowing about the limits of computation in general.

This course sequence stresses ideas, aiming to provide understanding that will be useful to the student decades from now. At the same time, students are exposed to current technologies. It is a course for concentrators, but it is also well-suited to those who feel a desire to become familiar with computing, even if they are not planning to concentrate in computer science.

In the vein of promoting inclusivity within CS18 and in the CS Department, our staff came up with some goals related to inclusivity for the course and some steps on how to accomplish them:

  1. Goal: Make sure students' feedback is being heard and make sure students know their feedback is being heard. Steps: Put feedback form at the beginning of each assignment's Piazza FAQ post. Include in weekly digest email how we are acting to address students' feedback. Mentorship will ensure every students' voice is heard individually.
  2. Goal: Supporting students with all types of CS experience, especially students who started CS at Brown. Steps: Mentorship program to make sure students have contact with TAs and can have their needs addressed and can share personal stories and trajectory in the department. Workshops to help students familiarize themselves with common CS concepts (like the terminal). Gear Ups to offer guidance on projects, including content, tips and Q&A.

Course Logistics as we Move Online