Lectures are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 10 to 10:50 AM, in BERT 130 (85 Waterman St). These lecture notes will be uploaded incrementally as topics are covered in class.
1Welcome and Introduction to the CourseSep 6, 2017PDF (racket)SlidesRecording
2Numbers, Strings, Identifiers, Definitions, ExpressionsSep 8, 2017PDF (racket)SlidesRecording
3Definitions and ProceduresSep 11, 2017PDF (racket)SlidesRecording
4More DefinitionsSep 13, 2017PDF (racket)SlidesRecording
5Booleans, Design RecipeSep 15, 2017PDF (racket)SlidesRecording
6Short Circuiting, More Design RecipeSep 18, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
7Conditionals, Structures, Mixed DataSep 20, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
8Lists and List RecursionSep 22, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
9Recursive Expression EvaluationSep 25, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
10More Recursion, Intro to AnalysisSep 27, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
11Two Argument RecursionSep 29, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
12More Recursion, Intro to AnalysisOct 2, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
13Intro to AnalysisOct 4, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
14Recurrences, Big-OOct 6, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
15More Analysis, LambdaOct 11, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
16Analysis, Lambda, Filter, MapOct 13, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
17Trees, OCamlOct 16, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
18More OCaml & Pattern MatchingOct 18, 2017PDF (racket)Slides
19Pattern MatchingOct 20, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
20OCaml Fun!Oct 23, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
21nth, Big-Theta, Binary Search Trees, and more!Oct 25, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
22Rackette Overview, Binary Tree AnalysisOct 27, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
23Binary Search Trees, Trace, and More!Oct 30, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
24More RacketteNov 1, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
25Stacks and ADTsNov 3, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
26Queues, Amortized AnalysisNov 6, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
27Introduction to SortingNov 8, 2017PDF (ocaml)
28More SortingNov 10, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
29Limits of ComputationNov 13, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
30Game TreesNov 15, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
31Game Strategy and Estimated ValueNov 17, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
32Estimated Value and MinimaxNov 20, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
33Guest Lecture on LambdaNov 22, 2017PDF (ocaml)
34Guest Speaker (Jane Street)Nov 27, 2017PDF (ocaml)
35Game: Diagonals and Path CleanupNov 29, 2017PDF (ocaml)Slides
36Debugging and Divide and ConquerDec 1, 2017PDF (ocaml)
37Unix OS and the ShellDec 4, 2017PDF (ocaml)Recording
Workshops will be held every Wednesday and Saturday-- check calendar for specific times. Workshop tasks will be uploaded incrementally after both Workshop sections. Come in to Workshops to talk through the problems and their solutions.
1Welcome and FunctionsSep 6/7, 2017Slides (racket)
2BNF, Booleans, Cond/If, Design RecipeSep 13/16, 2017Slides (racket)
3Lists, Conditionals, and RecursionSep 20/23, 2017Slides (racket)
4More RecursionSep 27/30, 2017Slides (racket)
5Analysis and HOPsOct 14/15, 2017Slides (racket)
6SubsetsOct 21/22, 2017Slides (racket)
7Oh, OCaml!Oct 28/29, 2017Slides (ocaml)
8Parse and RecurNov 4/5, 2017Slides (ocaml)
9Environments, Trees, and AnalysisNov 10/11, 2017Slides (ocaml)