Welcome to CS15, one of the two introductory computer science courses offered at Brown University!

CS15 introduces students to the field through object-oriented design and programming, using Java. It reinforces concepts with practical exercises in weekly lab sessions and with challenging and engaging programming assignments, such as Doodle Jump and Tetris!

There are no prerequisites for CS15 and the course expects no prior programming experience.



Final Projects

Final projects are out! You can access the assignment handout, design questions, etc. by going here for Sketchy, here for Pacman, here for Othello, and here for Indy. These websites are also accessible from the assignments page.



Tetris Design Checks

Unlike other projects, we will be doing design checks for Tetris (and final projects). Claim your spot; sign up for design checks here.



Moving back to MacMillan 117 on 10/31

Our class size has decreased enough that we can move back to MacMillan. Class will be held in MacMillan 117 starting this Thursday 10/31.



No Hours Today

The CIT is locked, so hours will have to be cancelled today. The TAs will hold a few extra hours during the week to make sure you all still have the same access to TAs. The Sunlab is still open.



LiteBrite Help Session

The help session for LiteBrite will be held today at 5:30 PM in MacMillan 117. See you there!



Parameters Help Session

The Parameters help session will be tomorrow at 2:00 PM and it will last around 1 hour. We will be in CIT 368, Lubrano Conference Room, CIT 345 and CIT 506. The elevators will be unlocked, but please meet in the lobby at 1:50 PM so that we can divide everyone into different rooms. Slides from the help session can be found here.



Naming Your Files

Some of you may have noticed difficulties in copying files whose names contain spaces or symbols. This is because the terminal uses whitespace to determine what command you're trying to run. Try naming your files without spaces or symbols (e.g. ClockDesignQuestions.pdf rather than Clock Design Questions.pdf)



Remote Access

Everyone should be setting up remote access! You can try setting it up yourself by following the Windows, Mac OS X, or OS-Agnostic guides. You can also attend a Remote Access lab in the Sunlab 2pm - 5pm this Saturday (9/14) and Sunday (9/15). Setting it up should take no more than 15 or 20 minutes.



Sunlab Intro Slides

For those of you who would like to look back on the slides from the New User Orientation given at the first lab. You can find them on the Sunlab website under "Sunlab New User Orientation"



Important: Room Change

CS15 will now be held in the Salomon De Ciccio Family Auditorium. This has been done keeping in mind the current enrollment of the course.



Lab Signups

If you haven't signed up for a lab yet, please fill out this Doodle.



Registration Form

If you're a Brown student and plan on taking the course, fill out this registration form as soon as possible, so we can get a CS department account made for you. This account is required to complete CS15's labs and assignments. If you're not a Brown student, but would like to take the course, please get in touch with the CS15 HTAs.



Opening Day

Come to MacMillan 117 for CS15's world-renowned first lecture on Thursday, September 5, 2013, at 2:30 PM. Trust us; you don't want to miss this!