Welcome to CS15, one of the introductory computer science courses offered at Brown University!

CS15 introduces students to the field through object-oriented design and programming, using Java. It reinforces concepts with practical exercises in weekly lab sessions and with challenging and engaging programming assignments, such as Doodle Jump and Tetris!

There are no prerequisites for CS15 and the course expects no prior programming experience.

Go to Online TA for information on coding conventions and compiler errors.

Oct   9

Shape handout

A handout on using the TA Shape package has been uploaded and can be accessed from the Online TA page.
Oct   5

Moving to MacMillan 117

We're moving!
Class will be held in MacMillan 117 starting this Tuesday, October 7.
Oct   1

Helpful Handouts

Two handouts have been uploaded on the Online TA page. The one on variables and constructors should help with figuring out concepts such as initialization vs instantiation, when to store values in variables, and so on. The one on Runtime Errors can help you debug errors that happen when your program is running.
Sep   12

Homework 1 and AndyBot Released

Please check the assignments page for the first two assignments. Also, check out the FAQs link on the projects page for additional pointers with programming assignments. If you downloaded the AndyBot assignment before Friday morning, please refresh the handout as there are updated instructions on how to hand in the assignment.
Sep   4

Labs start next week

Labs start next Tuesday. Over the weekend, you will receive an email from us asking you to sign up for a lab slot. Once you receive the form, please fill it out as quickly as possible, and we will confirm your lab slot. Please bring a collaboration contract to the first lab and a laptop with which you would like to set up remote access to the department's machines.
Sep   4

Registration Form

If you plan on taking the course, fill out this registration form as soon as possible, so we can get a CS department account made for you. If you are not a Brown student but want to take the course, please contact the HTAs. If you are a Brown student and get a permission denied when trying to access this form, you are not signed into your Brown account on Chrome (the form is restricted to those with a brown.edu address). There are two ways to fix this. One is that you could sign out of your personal gmail account on Chrome (not just your email) and switch to your Brown account then try clicking on the link. If you don't want to do that, simply open up an incognito window, click on the form and then sign in with your Brown credentials.
Sep   4

Opening Day

Come to DeCiccio Family Auditorium (Salomon 101) for CS15's world-renowned first lecture on Thursday, September 4, 2014, at 2:30 PM. Trust us; you don't want to miss this!