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Welcome to CS15!

CS15 is one of the introductory Computer Science courses offered at Brown University.

This course introduces students to Computer Science through object-oriented design and programming, using Java and the JavaFX graphics library. You will use these tools for building interactive programs with graphical user interfaces. CS15 reinforces concepts with practical exercises in weekly lab sessions and with challenging and engaging programming assignments, such as Doodle Jump and Tetris!

There are no prerequisites for CS15 and the course expects no prior programming experience.


Lectures are held Tuesdays & Thursdays (2:30 — 3:50 p.m.)

Lecture attendance is mandatory, and participation will contribute towards students' final grades. If a student misses a lecture, it is on them to review material taught that day by using the lecture slides and other supplemental material. Check out "Quick Links" in the Resources section to get the Zoom link!

Lecture Topic Date PDF Printable PDF PPT Recordings Skits Diagnostics
Welcome to CS15 + What is Programming? 01/21
Calling + Defining Methods 01/26
Parameters and Math 01/28
Working with Objects 02/02
Interfaces and Polymorphism 02/04
Inheritance and Polymorphism 02/09
Math and Making Decisions 02/11
Graphics 1 02/18
Graphics 2 02/23
Graphics 3 02/25
Loops 03/02
Arrays 03/04
Design Patterns 03/09
Recursion 03/11
BigO and Sorting 03/16
Linked Lists 03/18
Stacks and Queues 03/23
Trees 03/25
FP Overview 03/30
History of Computers & Programming Languages 04/01
Computer Graphics 04/06
HTA Lectures 04/08


All assignments are due at 11:59 PM EST (except for final projects). If you have questions about an assignment, please post on Piazza or attend Conceptual or Debugging Hours. Be sure to review both the Piazza and Hours policies before reaching out for help!

Hello World

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Hide and Seek

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Fruit Ninja

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Final Projects

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    04/23 5:00 PM
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Section handouts become available every Tuesday!

Attendance is mandatory, so if a student needs to switch sections, they must contact both their regular section's TAs and the ones of the section they want to switch into.

Handout Release Date Mini-Assignment Reading
Lab 0: Linux & Terminal 01/24
Lab 1: Java Objects 02/02
Lab 2: Polymorphism 02/09
Section 3: Polymorphism 02/16
Lab 4: Java FX 02/23
Lab 5: Pseudocode & Debugging 03/02
Section 6: Loops & ArrayLists 03/09
Lab 7: Arrays 03/16
Section 8: Algorithms 03/23


Conceptual TA Hours

Confused about an idea discussed in lecture or in a project handout? If we don’t have to look at your code to answer your question, conceptual hours are a great place to meet other students and talk to a TA. Your question will get answered much faster here than at the regular hours line. There’s no signup form — just walk in!

Debugging Hours

Debugging Hours are a great resource to discuss 1-on-1 with a TA about your code and learn how to solve your bugs; however, please be sure to check our the TA Hours policy and the Piazza page before getting in line.

HTA Office Hours

If you have a question that’s not about the course content, come talk to an HTA during this time. This includes discussions on course policies, the CS concentration, or handling the work-life balance in and out of the department.

These hours take place each Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.


“Let's meet our islanders!”


andy-regular andy-beach
Andy (avd)
I’m originally from the Netherlands. My CS specialty is Computer Graphics, especially pen- and touch-computing. I’m a foodie and love the outdoors: hiking and backpacking (especially in the Grand Canyon), mountain- and road-biking, and kayaking.

Head Teaching Assistants

anna-regular anna-beach
Anna (afinkel1)
Hi! I'm a junior from Long Island studying mechanical engineering. In my free time, I like to play volleyball, scrabble, set, and really any other board/card game out there. Welcome to CS15!!!
aalia-regular aalia-beach
Aalia (ahabib3)
Hi everyone! I'm a junior from Pakistan studying CS. I love running, cooking and eating (normally in that order). I also love to binge watch British TV like GBBO (and Love Island!) and the Crown while drinking tea and would love to discuss all of the above (and anything else!)
gil-regular gil-beach
Gil (galon1)
HI! I am Gil Alon, a junior studying computer science from Newton, MA. I absolutely love desserts, clothes and any true crime tv show. Can't wait to meet you :)
marina-regular marina-beach
Marina (mtrieben)
Hi everyone! I'm a junior from NY studying CS, and when I'm not coding, I'm cooking with friends, doing yoga, or binge watching Schitt's Creek. Looking forward to meeting you all and having an amazing semester :)
will-regular will-beach
Will (wbuerger)
Hi everyone! I'm a junior from Pittsburgh studying Computer Science. In my free time, I love getting involved with theatre on campus, yoga + meditation, and eating anything with peanut butter. Welcome to CS15!

Socially Responsible Computing Teaching Assistants

shira-regular shira-beach
Shira (sabramo1)
Hi! I'm a senior from eastern MA studying CS and Comparative Literature, or as I like to call them, Comp^2. I'm also a Health and Wellness Advocate in the CS department, so feel free to come chat anytime about CS, wellness and accessibility, double concentrating, or anything else! Some of my favorite ways to relax are going for long walks, browsing in libraries and bookstores, and eating good bread.
ellie-regular ellie-beach
Ellie (emadsen)
Hi! I'm a junior from Wisconsin studying computer science and environmental studies. In my free time I like to make pasta, read, and giggle with the besties. I am also a designer for fashion @ brown and a socially responsible computing TA!

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants

anika-regular anika-beach
Anika (aahluwal)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Minnesota studying computer science. In my free time, I love cooking and attemping amateur arts and crafts.
Andres (abeckrui)
Hey! I'm a sophomore from Oakland concentrating in CS-Econ. During my free time I enjoy playing soccer, singing, hiking, and eating.
abigail-regular abigail-beach
Abigail (amarks3)
Hi! I’m a sophomore from Massachusetts studying computer science. In my free time I like to bake, knit, and swim. I also love binge watching Love Island :)
adwith-regular adwith-beach
Adwith (amukhe12)
Hello! I am a sophomore studying computer science and physics. It is my dream to one day cultivate a dope ass garden and create a variety of delicious broths.
alana-regular alana-beach
Alana (awhite35)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Southern Maryland studying CS and Visual Arts. In my free time, I love going on walks, listening to r&b, and chilling outside. I'm also a member of the Mosaic+ community. Feel free to ask me about anything!
Anna (azhao26)
Hi! I’m a sophomore from Georgia studying CS, and I’m also a dancer in Fusion Dance Company. In my free time, I love rewatching Friends and eating ramen :)
claire-regular claire-beach
Claire (coberg1)
Hi! I’m a sophomore from Park City, Utah studying CS-Econ. When I’m not on zoom, you can find me listening to early 2000s pop, drinking copious amounts of coffee, or binge-watching season 3 of Love Island UK. I love meeting new people so feel free to reach out!
cecilia-regular cecilia-beach
Cecilia (cvogler)
Hi! I'm a junior from New York City concentrating in computer science. Outside of CS, I love to bake, cook, and bullet journal. At Brown, I'm co-director of Hack@Brown and layout editor for VISIONS magazine. Can't wait to be your TA and mentor this semester!
wambui-regular wambui-beach
Wambui (cwaweru)
Hi! I’m Wambui, a junior from Kenya concentrating in Computer Science and Africana Studies. I’m a lover of hot chocolate, outdoor yoga and spontaneous trips. Can’t wait to meet everyone :)
David (dhan22)
I’m a sophomore from California concentrating in APMA-CS (probably). Outside of class, I am a part of Brown Club Soccer, KASA, and Full Stack at Brown. In my free time I love to play golf, rewatch old tv shows, and eat KBBQ.
Delora (dli65)
I'm a sophomore concentrating in CS and possibly Human-Centered Design. I was born and raised in Seattle, and love visual art, boba, and oatmeal! :)
Daniel (dsegel)
Hi! I’m a sophomore CS concentrator from New York City. I enjoy traveling, learning new languages, binge-watching any TV show, and guzzling copious amounts of caffeine.
damien-regular damien-beach
Damian (dwasilew)
Howdy! I'm a sophomore from New York City studying Computer Science and Applied Math. Outside of CS I play Rugby, and I'm a huge sucker for LEGO and Comic Books. Super hyped to get meet y'all!
Jinoo (ehong9)
Hey! I'm a sophomore from Hong Kong studying Computer Science and Statistics. These are useful for calculating the probability that I pass my classes! Other than that, I like to play table tennis and listen to hifi. Feel free to reach out :)
eva-regular eva-regular
Eva (elau5)
Hey everyone, I'm a sophomore from Boston and Hong Kong, studying cs and visual art :) During a normal semester, you can find me playing taiko at TF Green, learning how to skate, and bugging my friends with kitchens to try fun recipes!
ellie-regular ellie-beach
Ellie (emadsen)
Hi! I'm a junior from Wisconsin studying computer science and environmental studies. In my free time I like to make pasta, read, and giggle with the besties. I am also a designer for fashion @ brown and a socially responsible computing TA!
gabby-regular gabby-beach
Gabby (gasuncio)
Hey! I’m a senior from the SF Bay Area studying CS and Art History. When I’m not coding I’m doing stuff with Attitude Dance Company or Rogue Fashion! Besides Java, I love talking about art museums, anime, or alternative R&B artists :)
Hannah (hhiraki1)
Hello! I'm a sophomore from Honolulu, Hawai'i concentrating in Computational Biology. I'm a huge fan of eating plants, watching Jeopardy, and singing in the shower! So excited to meet you all
Harriet (hmuutu)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Kenya concentrating in Computer Science. Outside of class, I like watching soccer and trying out different kinds of tea.
Jaden (jchew1)
Hey! I'm a sophomore from LA. I like pour over coffee, baking, and photography. I'm studying CS and maybe something else, welcome to CS15!
Jessica (jgonza40)
Hello!! I'm a junior from Inglewood, CA double concentrating in CS and VISA. I enjoy painting, film photography, and coffee. Really excited to meet y'all! :))
justin-regular justin-beach
Justin (jsong63)
Hey there! I'm a sophomore from Maryland (probably) concentrating in APMA-ECON. In my free time, I really enjoy playing tennis, basketball, cello, and all sorts of board games! I love meeting new people so feel free to talk to me about sitcoms or your least favorite Pixar film (and why it's Cars 2). Good luck with cs15; it'll be a blast!
Lila (lzimbali)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Montclair, NJ planning to do an independent concentration in computational neuroscience. I like to go on hikes and watch lots of good TV in my free time. I love meeting new people so feel free to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat :)
Maggie (mbeards1)
Hi! I'm a junior from Vermont concentrating in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. I like skiing, coffee, and dogs. Looking forward to a great semester of CS15!
ming-may-regular ming-may-beach
Ming-May (mhu19)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Connecticut concentrating in CS and potentially environmental studies. I've been dancing for 15 years and am a part of two dance groups on campus. I love painting and knitting/crocheting and am always looking for new music recommendations if you have any!
maia-regular maia-beach
Maia (mmongado)
Hello! I'm a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science and French. I love writing, baking, and watching movies! My favorite meal at Baja's is shrimp enchilada.
priyanka-regular priyanka-beach
Priyanka (psolanky)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from New Jersey planning to concentrate in CS. Outside of CS15, I enjoy baking, drinking coffee, and being outdoors. I also love to talk, so please reach out for anything. Can't wait to meet you!
Udayveer (usodhi)
Salutations! I'm a sophomore from Bangalore concentrating in CS, and in my spare time I hold a miniature version of my own head while bemoaning the fact that I haven't had coffee milk in ten months.
Taylor (wauten)
Hi! I'm a 5th Year Master's student hailing from Connecticut. During my undergrad, I switched my concentration from Political Science to Computer Science after taking CS15. You can typically find me cooking, watching the latest episode of Drag Race, or performing marriage ceremonies. Always feel free to reach out, and enjoy CS15!
Alex (ycho16)
I'm a senior concentrating in CS. I was born and raised in Seoul and love working out in my free time💪💛