Welcome to CS15!

CS15 is one of the introductory Computer Science courses offered at Brown University.

This course introduces students to Computer Science through object-oriented design and programming, using Java and the JavaFX graphics library. You will use these tools for building interactive programs with graphical user interfaces. CS15 reinforces concepts with practical exercises in weekly lab sessions and with challenging and engaging programming assignments, such as Doodle Jump and Tetris!

There are no prerequisites for CS15 and the course expects no prior programming experience.


A paper solution for every situation!


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General Resources


“Learn your code. You better learn your code. If you don’t, you’ll be eaten in your sleep.” *crunch*

Lectures are held Tuesdays & Thursdays (2:30 — 3:50 p.m.) in Salomon DECI!

Lecture attendance is mandatory, and participation will contribute towards students' final grades. If a student misses a lecture, it is on them to review material taught that day by using the lecture slides and other supplemental material.

Lecture Topic Date PDF Printable PDF PPT Recordings Skits Diagnostics
Gateway to CS15 09/05 PDF PDF PPT REC SKIT
Welcome to CS15 09/05 PDF PDF PPT REC SKIT
What is Programming? 09/05 PDF PDF PPT REC SKIT
Calling + Defining Methods 09/10 PDF PDF PPT REC QUIZ
Parameters and Math 09/12 PDF PDF PPT REC QUIZ
Working with Objects 09/17 PDF PDF PPT REC
Interfaces and Polymorphism 09/19 PDF PDF PPT REC
Inheritance and Polymorphism 09/24 PDF PDF PPT REC QUIZ
Math and Making Decisions 09/26 PDF PDF PPT REC
Graphics 1 10/01 PDF PDF PPT REC
Graphics 2 10/03 PDF PDF PPT REC
Graphics 3 10/08 PDF PDF PPT REC QUIZ
Loops 10/10 PDF PDF PPT REC
Arrays 10/15 PDF PDF PPT REC
Design Patterns 10/17 PDF PDF PPT REC
Recursion 10/22 PDF PDF PPT REC
BigO and Sorting 10/24 PDF PDF PPT REC
Linked Lists 10/29 PDF PDF PPT REC
Linked Lists Continued 10/31 PDF PDF PPT REC
Stacks and Queues 11/05 PDF PDF PPT REC
Trees 11/07 PDF PDF PPT REC
Hashing 11/12 PDF PDF PPT REC
History of Computers and Programming Languages 11/14 PDF PDF PPT REC
FP Overview 11/19 PDF PDF PPT REC
Othello Help Session 11/21 PDF REC
Pacman Help Session 11/21 PDF REC
Sketchy Help Session 11/21 PDF REC
Evolution Help Session 11/21 PDF REC
Computer Graphics 12/03 PDF PDF PPT REC
HTA Lectures 12/05 PDF PPT REC


“’You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ – Wayne Gretzky” – Michael Scott


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Fruit Ninja

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  • Mini-Assignment
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    12/16 5:00 PM


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    12/16 5:00 PM


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    12/16 5:00 PM


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    12/16 5:00 PM


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    12/16 5:00 PM


“I have a lot of questions. Number one, how dare you?”

Section handouts become available every Tuesday!

Discussion sessions are held in classrooms. Labs are held in the Sunlab each week. Attendance is mandatory, so if a student needs to switch sections, they must contact both their regular section's TAs and the ones of the section they want to switch into.

Handout Release Date Mini-Assignment Reading
Lab 0: Linux & Terminal 09/10
Lab 1: Java/Debug 09/17 Reading
Lab 2: Interface/Polymorphism 09/24 Reading
Discussion 3: Fruit Ninja 09/28 Section Slides
Lab 4: Java FX 10/08 Mini-Assignment
Lab 5: Array/Lists 10/15 Reading
Discussion 6: Doodle Jump 10/22 Section Slides
Lab 7: Pseudocode 10/29
Discussion 8: Tetris 11/05 Section Slides
Discussion 9: DS/Algos 11/12 Mini-Assignment
Final Project Discussions 12/03
Othello Discussion 12/03 Takeaway Notes Section Slides
Evolution Discussion 12/03 Section Slides
Sketchy Discussion 12/03 Takeaway Notes Section Slides
Pacman Discussion 12/03 Takeaway Notes Section Slides

Available Sections


“And I know exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.”

Conceptual TA Hours (CIT 101)

Confused about an idea discussed in lecture or in a project handout? If we don’t have to look at your code to answer your question, conceptual hours are a great place to meet other students and talk to a TA. Your question will get answered much faster here than at the regular hours line. There’s no signup form — just walk in!

Regular TA Hours (CIT 271, "The Fishbowl")

TA hours are a great resource to discuss 1-on-1 with a TA about course material and assignments. However, please be sure to check our the TA Hours policy and the Piazza page before getting in line.

HTA Office Hours (CIT 102)

If you have a question that’s not about the course content, come talk to an HTA during this time. This includes discussions on course policies, the CS concentration, or handling the work-life balance in and out of the department.

These hours take place each Tuesday from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm.


“The people person’s paper people!”


Andy (avd)
I’m originally from the Netherlands. My CS specialty is Computer Graphics, especially pen- and touch-computing. I’m a foodie and love the outdoors: hiking and backpacking (especially in the Grand Canyon), mountain- and road-biking, and kayaking.

Head Teaching Assistants

Lucy (lreyes1)
Hello! I am a junior from Monterrey, Mexico concentrating in Computer Science. CS15 is my favorite class at Brown, and I hope you will like it as much as I did! In my free time, I love to watch The Office, bake, spend time with my friends, and dance. Welcome to CS15! :)
Noah (nkorotze)
I'm a senior from LA studying electrical engineering with a focus in computer science. In my spare time I like to run as fast as I can in a straight line over and over, and I also watch Mikey throw things far. Come talk to me about sports, books, dogs, or anything else! (or CS, I guess)
Taylor (wauten)
Hi! I'm a senior from Connecticut who switched my concentration from Political Science to Computer Science after taking CS15. You can typically find me cooking, looking for an excuse to get a Lime scooter, or performing marriage ceremonies. Always feel free to reach out, and enjoy CS15! (he/him/his)
Angel (arodri36)
Hello everyone! I'm a Junior from Union City, NJ concentrating in Computer Science! I'm a Diversity & Inclusion advocate, a member of the Mosaic+ community, as well as a returning RPL. I am always open to answer any questions so feel free to contact me! In my free time I like to take pictures, watch bad reality TV shows, get overly competitive over games, and joke around with friends. Hope you all have a great semester, we are here for you!
Julie (jwang73)
Hi! I'm a junior studying Computer Science, spiritually from Beijing and legally from Toronto. If you can't find me, I'm most likely hiding in a cardboard box; I also sometimes eat pancakes.

Teaching Assistants

Aalia (ahabib3)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Karachi, Pakistan, hopefullly concentrating in Physics and CS. I love cooking and running and watching way too much TV. Can't wait to meet you!
Andy (azhu20)
"Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick." Junior. APMA-Econ. Nebraska. Hack@Brown. Welcome :)
Anna (afinkel1)
Hey! I'm a sophomore from Long Island, NY and I'm studying Mechanical Engineering (maybe). Feel free to reach out to talk about Brown's formula racing team, Club Volleyball, and/or recreational napping (disclamer: not an actual student group).
Ben (bhurd1)
Cam (cwenzel)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from outside Philly studying CS. On campus I run for the Brown Running Club, and my main passion/hobby is anything car-related. So if you want to run around on the street pretending to be a car with me, feel free to get in touch!
Cecilia (cvogler)
Hi! I’m a sophomore from NYC potentially concentrating in CS. Outside of the classroom I love to bake, I play violin in the Brown University Orchestra, and am a part of Hack@Brown and VISIONS.
Cooper (cbirdsal)
I'm a sophomore from Vermont studying Computer Science (probably). Outside of CS I'm in Beta Rho Pi, SHAG, and the Bouncing Bears! Talk to me about your favorite Scooby Doo movie, and why it's Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase.
Dora (dnathans)
Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore from outside of Philadelphia and I haven’t decided on a concentration yet! I'm on Brown's Mock Trial team, and I love to cook and bake whenever I have the time. Welcome to CS15 :)
Georgia (ggallant)
Hi! I’m a CS (and potentially public policy) concentrator from NY. I’m super passionate about robotics and anything related to technology for social good. I’m always down for an outdoor adventure, love forcing myself to be incredibly uncomfortable, and my favorite word is fatuous! Reach out! Always LOVE to help :)!
Gil (galon1)
Hi! I am a sophomore from outside of Boston studying CS and maybe APMA! Reach out anytime especially if you find any weird/crazy documentary!
Hannah (hchow)
I'm a senior concentrating in CS + lit arts. I was born and raised in Chicago and love mid-2000s cartoons, skincare, and pringles! ✨
Ian (rmalone1)
I’m a Junior from Washington, DC studying Computer Science Econ. In my spare time, I’m usually listening to music, watching Worldstar, or sleeping. Welcome to CS15!
Jake (jnieto)
I'm a sophmore from Long Island, New York studying Computer Science (and possibly math). Usually, you can catch me at the Hay, working at the front desk. I also like to play music and I'm in the wind symphony at Brown.
Jasrine (jdham)
I'm a junior concentrating in Computer Science-Economics. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. When I am not doing CS, I am usually binging on Marvel movies. If you have any fan theories you would like to share, I would be happy to have a conversation!
Julia (jostrows)
Hi all! I'm a senior from California studying Computational Neuroscience! Outside of academics, I lead a homelessness outreach team (ask me about HOPE!) and I love running, cooking, exploring, and taking public transportation. I'm super excited to meet all of you and looking forward to a great semester!
Lily (lsteinma)
Hi! I’m a sophomore concentrating in Computer Science-Economics, and I’m from New York City. Outside of CS, I’m usually in the Ratty, on the Main Green, or watching The Office :)
Lina (lsim2)
I'm a senior from Malaysia studying Computer Science. CS15 was one of the best classes I've taken at Brown, and it's my third time TA-ing this class. I'm so glad you stopped by! :)
Lisa (lyang51)
I'm a sophomore that loves all things science. I'm from Maryland and I plan to concentrate in Engineering. If you have theories about the universe like how spacetime works, the possibiliy of finding the Grand Unified Theory, or why my toast always falls peanut butter-side down, hit me up!
Litian (lyang39)
Hi! I am a junior from Chengdu, China and LA studying International Relations (and possibly CS). When I am not in the CIT, you can probably catch me drinking boba/cold brew with my friends!
Lucy (lwolff)
Hello! I am a senior from Toronto concentrating in CS. I love going for long runs and stopping to meet all the dogs I pass along the way.
Madison (msamplet)
Hey! I'm a senior from Alaska concentrating in Public Health and Computer Science. I was originally pre-med, but switched from studying Biology to CS after taking CS15. Talk to me about basically any tv show because I have probably seen it (:
Manni (mamoah1)
Hey, I'm a sophomore from Massachusetts concentrating in CS! I am a part of Mosaic+ and I love music, food, and the visual arts!
Marina (mtrieben)
Hey! I'm a sophomore from NY studying Computer Science. When I'm not doing CS, I am a tour guide and a Meiklejohn, and you can also find me watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine or eating a Blue Room muffin. I'm super pumped to be your TA! :)
Marlene (mgoetz2)
Hey! I'm a junior from California concentrating in Computational Biology. In my free time, I like picking up a bite to eat at Baja's, grabbing a coffee (usually using my friends on meal plan) and rock climbing. Welcome to CS15!
Maura (mdrisco5)
You guys get us as your TAs?... “that’s really, really good timing”. Hi! I’m a sophomore from Rhode Island studying CS. Also here dropping a shameless plug for Running Club (4:15 Bear Statue be there)
Mikey (mcoppoli)
I'm a senior from RI concentrating in APMA-CS with a focus in machine learning. I train to throw things as far as I can and I watch Noah run fast. In my free time I ride bikes, play golf and eat sushi.
Milla (mshin7)
I'm a senior from Tokyo studying CS! I like baking and cooking. I love sweet potatoes, avocados, and strawberry or vanilla coconut or chunky monkey ice cream. I also love going to the beach and doing fun water activities like scuba diving and wakeboarding :)
Mindy (sli90)
I’m a sophomore from China concentrating in APMA-ECON and CS. Outside the classroom, I love cooking Chinese food and watching action movies/medical documentaries/fashion shows. I’m always down to explore downtown Providence (and travel around the world of course) so hmu if you wanna hang out together!! :-)
Ndunge (nmulwa)
I am a sophomore from Pittsburgh studying CS! Other than that, I like to play guitar, eat weird foods, & occasionally enjoy some ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* musical theater*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Nicole (ncid)
I am a Junior concentrating in Computer Science and MCM. I was born in Santiago, Chile, but lived most of my life in Quito, Ecuador. You can spot me riding my yellow bike around campus!
Niyoshi (nparekh1)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Mumbai trying to design an independent concentration in industrial design and pursuing an AB in CS. If you have questions or just want someone to talk to when you're in the CIT for six hours a day, you'll find me in the Sunlab (I actually like it). Come say hi!
Olivia (ojohnso3)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from NYC concentrating in computer science. In my free time, I enjoy playing on the club soccer team, binge-watching everything on Netflix and HBO, and eating an unhealthy amount of fruit. Feel free to reach out anytime—I’d love to chat and would greatly appreciate show recommendations!
Rachel (ry22)
I'm a sophomore from the bay area studying CS & Poli Sci. i've also lived in shanghai and massachusetts, and am addicted to Orangetheory and Philz coffee!
Sarah (sbawabe)
Hey everyone! I’m a junior studying astrophysics, and I’m from Massachusetts (south shore). I love to ski and to draw in my free time, and I’m also a part of BEAM here at Brown. Can’t wait to meet all you guys! :-)
Selen (stumay)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from south Florida studying CS-Econ. ‘I’m always one step ahead. like a carpenter ... that makes stairs.’
Selena (szhan132)
Hi! I’m a sophomore from Boston studying computational biology. In my free time I love to make jewelry, dabble in salsa dancing, and eat frozen chocolate peanut butter cups!
Sierra (srowley2)
Hello! I am a sophomore from southern Rhode Island concentrating in CS. Some of my favorite things to do include watching tastemade videos, going to the beach, and playing with my dog, Chip! I love listening to music and am always looking for new stuff so let me know of any recommendations!
Tiffany (tnguye72)
Hi! I’m a junior studying Computer Science and likely doubling in Public Health. I love the ocean and all things sushi-related :’) So excited to meet all of you!
Tom (tliu46)
Hi! I'm a sophomore probably concentrating in Engineering and Physics, and maybe CS. I'm from San Diego, but I've also lived in Los Angeles, Beijing, and Shenzhen. A few of my hobbies are tennis and hiking!
Tzion (tjones10)
Sophomore from Philadelphia studying IR + CS. Particularly interested in cyber security and internet development/governance abroad. Outside of that I'm not super interesting, but if you like talking about strategy video games, twitter memes or documentaries, I can probably hold a conversation!
Victor (vkalev)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from Dallas concentrating in CS. You can find me in the Blue Room spending all my points on Yerba and soup, and sometimes at the Pizz for club tennis practice.
Wambui (cwaweru)
Hi! I am a sophomore from Kenya concentrating in Computer Science. I enjoy amusement parks and beaches!
Will (wbuerger)
Hey y'all! I'm a sophomore CS concentrator from Pittsburgh. Outside CS, I love getting involved with theatre on campus, eating anything with peanut butter, and reading Harry Potter. I love chatting - feel free to reach out!
Zach (zmothner)
Hi! I'm a sophomore from New York City studying Computer Science and Visual Art. Outside of class, I'm a BRYTE tutor, and I'm constantly drinking coffee. I love meeting new people so come talk to me!
Zoe (zbeckman)
I'm a junior from Los Angeles concentrating in Neuroscience and CS. Easy to identify from the pink converse or hot-cheetoh stains.