Welcome to CSCI 0111 - Computing Foundations: Data!

MWF 10:00-10:50 AM EST, Metcalf Auditorium

CSCI 0111 is an introductory course for both concentrators and non-concentrators who want to understand computing through the lens of data. It covers the fundamentals needed for additional CS courses, while also being designed as a useful stopping point forstudents who want to use a bit of computing, data analysis, or programming in other disciplines.

The course starts with writing small programs to process and manage table-shaped data (like CSV files). It then progresses to problems involving structured (text-based) data for which tables aren't the best organization (introducing common computer science data structures). Throughout the course, we examine practical questions about working with realistic data, as well as the (often adverse) social impacts that can arise when using data at scale.

The course expects no prior programming experience. It is paced more gently than CSCI 0150 or CSCI 0170 (which also assume no prior experience), while also focusing on styles of programming that are in common practice across many disciplines. The course uses two programming languages (initially Pyret and later Python), with the first explicitly designed to transition into the second.

Students from concentrations across campus have succeeded in and enjoyed CSCI 0111. Check out the Critical Review [Brown access only] (Professor Fisler last led the course in Spring 2020; she and Professor Woos co-taught in Fall 2020, with Professor Woos running lectures).

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Important dates

  • Final exam: Dec 16 (as per CAB)

What Can I Take After CSCI 0111?

  • Students who want to continue learning CS at the pace of 0111 can take CSCI0112 (offered in the fall), followed by CSCI 0200 (the new course replacing the former CSCI 0160 and CSCI 0180)

  • Students who want to accelerate their learning of CS can do additional work in the last third of the semester to move directly to CSCI 0200 in the spring (just as students would do after CSCI 0150 and CSCI 0170)

  • Students who are more interested in data science than computer science can take DATA 200 in the spring (which leads into the Data Fluency Certificate).