Homework 1: Mystery Snakes

Due: Tuesday September 10, 2019 at 9:00PM EST.

Detective Snake


After completing the homework, you will submit:

If you are using late days, make sure to make a note of that in your readme. Remember, you may only use a maximum of 3 late days per assignment. If the assignment is late (and you do NOT have anymore late days) no credit will be given.


Helpful Things


The Pyret Documentation is accessible from the Pirate button in the top left corner of code.pyret.org.

For this assignment, you will find the image documentation useful. We recommend briefly browsing this documentation before working on these problems!

You will need a text editor to edit your README. Link to template provided above. Any text editor is fine, and your laptop should already have one (TextEdit on Mac, NotePad on Windows). You could also install a more powerful text editor (such as Atom, instructions here), but this is not required. If you are still having a hard time, come to hours or post on Piazza!

Staff Assistance

Your friendly TAs and Professor are here to help with this assignment! You can find our schedule for office hours here.

What we will look for when grading

The Assignment

Velma and Detective Pikachu are planning a journey to the zoo. They want to be able to identify mysterious snakes by their patterns so they know which ones are poisonous.

You will help them by writing code for four snake patterns so they can study!

Set up your code so that the four snake patterns are output on the right hand side when we press the run button. Make sure nothing else is output (no sub-images, numbers, strings, or otherwise).

When you are done, download the file and submit it following the instructions above.

The Mystery Snakes

Mystery Snake 1
Mystery snake 1 missing :o

Mystery Snake 2
Mystery snake 2 missing :o

Mystery Snake 3
Mystery snake 3 missing :o

Mystery Snake 4
Mystery snake 4 missing :o


No additional responses required for this week! Still submit a README though (we use it to track late days and collaboration stuff)

Brown University CSCI 0111 (Fall 2019)
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