There will be 4 programming assignments (in Matlab) and a project. The goal is for these to help increase the understanding of the material by working with real neural data. In each assignment you will implement one of the algorithms discussed in class and experiment with it on data from multi-electrode arrays.  

WARNING: you will be working with data that few people have used and in some cases your experiments will be the first of their kind.  

You will also be expected to read all the assigned material and come prepared to talk about it. This reading will be a significant time load but should be interesting. The purpose is to familiarize you with field and give you experience with the critical analysis of research papers.


All readings listed on the syllabus should be read before the next class. Additionally you will be required to complete a paper review of one or more papers per week (indicated by a (*) on the syllabus). Use this form to complete the review then email it to the TA before class time (cc black as well).

Your evaluations will be graded and count towards your participation. Incomplete and late evaluations will not get any credit.


10% Class participation and paper reviews.

 5% Homework assignment 0; Population Vector Coding.

15% Homework assignment 1; Linear filtering

20% Homework assignment 2; Particle Filtering

20% Homework assignment 3; Artificial Neural Networks

30% Project.

Late Policy

Late assignments will not be accepted without prior approval. Get prior approval. No exceptions. I am ruthless but I also understand that people have to balance all sorts of things.  Plan ahead and you'll be fine.  Wait to the last minute and you'll be sorry.

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