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If nothing happens when you click the link, try setting the news server options in your web browser or talk to a CIS consultant at x37HLP. If you have a CS account, you can also read news from a shell (try tin or slrn) or talk to a Sunlab consultant.

Newsgroup Policy

Please observe basic nettiquette on the newsgroup by keeping your postings polite, concise, and on-topic. Before posting to the newsgroup take a look at the postings that are already there--it is possible that your question has already been answered.

When posting about an assignment, it is customary to refer to the assignment in the subject of the post. (e.g. [HW1] problem 3) Also, since some students and TA's may be using a text-based newsreader, please post in plain text, not MIME or HTML.

Appropriate questions for the newsgroup are general questions about topics and clarification questions for assignments. Keep in mind that the collaboration policy is in effect on the newsgroup. For questions that are specific to your own work you should see a TA on hours instead. (e.g. don't post "I'm working on problem 3 and I divided both sides by seven, applied JoJo's Law, took the inverse, and now I'm stuck.")

Administrative questions (about grades, returned homeworks, etc.) and comments, complaints, and suggestions about the course, should be emailed to the instructor and TA rather than posted to the newsgroup.

And finally, per department policy, all posts to course newsgroups must be signed, with your full name either in the header or at the end of the message.