Package jdsl.core.ref

Package of implementations of the interfaces in jdsl.core.api.


Interface Summary
ToByteArray Converts an object to a byte array
ToString.LocatorToString Way to parameterize the stringifying of a locator, within the stringifying of a container.
ToString.PositionToString Way to parametrize the stringifying of a position, within the stringifying of a container.

Class Summary
AbstractArrayIterator A class abstracting the common parts of ArrayPositionIterator and ArrayLocatorIterator.
AbstractCircularSequence An abstract class implementing some methods of the CircularSequence interface.
AbstractComparator An abstract class implementing some methods of the Comparator interface.
AbstractDictionary An abstraction of the Dictionary implementations that ensures the existence of a method to insert Locators back into the data structure.
AbstractPositionalContainer An abstract positional container that others may extend if they do not wish to deal with some of the more mundane aspects of positional containers and/or if they wish to avoid implementing themselves some of the methods of container that aren't terribly pertinent to a PositionalContainer.
ArrayHeap An array implementation of a heap.
ArrayLocatorIterator An array-based locator iterator.
ArrayObjectIterator An array-based object iterator.
ArrayPositionIterator An array-based positional iterator.
ArraySequence A Sequence implemented on top of an array.
ArraySkipList Implementation of a skip list The ordered dictionary is a multi-map which means that it is possible for two elements to have the same key.
Assertion Helps to check invariant conditions in program and check correctness of implementation.
BigIntegerComparator Compares java.math.BigInteger objects.
BigIntegerToByteArray Converts a big integer to a byte array.
ByteArrayComparator Superclass for all byte array comparator implementations.
ComparableComparator Implementation of JDSL's Comparator interface in terms of the JDK's Comparable interface.
ComparatorExtender Takes a java.util.Comparator and adapts it to the jdsl.core.api.Comparator.
ComparatorReverser Takes a Comparator and reverses the ordering with respect to which the elements are compared.
HashtableDecorable An implementation of Decorable using a hashtable.
HashtableDictionary An implementation of Dictionary using a chaining hashtable.
InOrderIterator The inorder iterator gives an inorder iteration of a binary tree.
IntegerComparator Compares java.lang.Integers.
IntegerHashComparator An implementation of a HashComparator for java.lang.Integers
LexicographicalByteArrayComparator A Lexicographical comparator for byte arrays.
NodeBinaryTree A node-based Binary Tree.
NodeBinaryTree.NBTNode This is the class for all user-visible nodes It contains links for its parent, children, and element.
NodeBinaryTree.NBTSuperNode This is the supernode.
NodeCircularSequence A CircularSequence implemented with a linked list whose nodes are Positions.
NodeSequence A Sequence based on a doubly-linked-list implementation.
NodeSequence.FNSNode This nested class is the node for NodeSequence.
NodeTree A node-based Tree.
ObjectHashComparator Implements the JDSL HashComparator interface in terms of Java's native Object methods equals(.) and hashCode().
PostOrderIterator The postorder iterator gives a postorder traversal of any tree.
PreOrderIterator The preorder iterator gives a preorder iteration of the tree.
RedBlackTree A Dictionary implemented as a red-black tree.
SerializableObject An object which can be used as a key for decorations, but which is Serializable.
ToString Collection of static methods that generate a string representing a container or accessor.
ToString.LocatorCollectionsStyle Stringifies a locator in the Java Collections style: (key)=(element).
ToString.PositionWritesElementOnly Stringifies a position by giving the string representation of the position's element.

Exception Summary
AssertionException This exception indicates that an internal check has failed.
FullContainerException A FullContainerException indicates that the Container can't fulfill the requested operation because it is full.

Package jdsl.core.ref Description

Package of implementations of the interfaces in jdsl.core.api. Most concrete implementations have names of the form ImplementationStyleInterfaceName. For instance, an ArraySequence implements the  jdsl.core.api.Sequence interface with a growable array. Classes with names of the form AbstractInterfaceName implement some methods of the interface for the convenience of developers building alternative implementations.