Interface InspectablePositionalContainer

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BinaryTree, CircularSequence, EmbeddedPlanarGraph, Graph, InspectableBinaryTree, InspectableCircularSequence, InspectableEmbeddedPlanarGraph, InspectableGraph, InspectableOrderedGraph, InspectableSequence, InspectableTree, ModifiableGraph, OrderedGraph, PositionalContainer, Sequence, Tree

public interface InspectablePositionalContainer
extends InspectableContainer

Please refer to the documentation of PositionalContainer.

$Id: InspectablePositionalContainer.java,v 1.5 1999/07/19 19:34:41 mdh Exp $
Mark Handy (mdh), Andrew Schwerin (schwerin), Luca Vismara (lv)
See Also:
InspectableContainer, PositionalContainer

Method Summary
 PositionIterator positions()
          Provides an iterator over all of the positions of the container.
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Method Detail


public PositionIterator positions()
Provides an iterator over all of the positions of the container. No order is specified. However, certain implementations of PositionalContainer may guarantee an order in which the iterator iterates over the positions. The iterator returned is a snapshot -- that is, it iterates over all positions that were in the container at the moment that positions() was called, regardless of subsequent modifications to the container.
A PositionIterator over all positions in the container