NoSQL Systems:

Name Type Wiki Link Groups
MongoDB Document Store - zxyang, mwang5
Apache CouchDB Document Store - akalinin, wenjun
Apache Cassandra Column Store / BigTable - jxfeng, xiaowei
Apache HBase Column Store / BigTable - zikaiwang, jcchin
Membase Key Value - sunilmallya, zuffi
Redis Key Value - jtavares, ckeith
HyperTable Column Store / BigTable - ljin, yanglu
Tokyo Cabinet Key Value - martins, kbambino
Scalaris Key Value - irina, gillmor
Riak Key Value - jdedona

Each group is responsible for collecting information about their assigned system. Be sure to keep track of the sources/urls that you find. A rough outline of what is needed for each system is as follows:

  1. History
  2. Programming Language Interface
  3. Data Model + Operators
  4. Physical Structures (e.g., indexes, hash tables)
  5. Users + Applications + Target Workloads
  6. Transaction Support:
    • Consistency Model
    • Failure Model + Replica Management
    • ACID Properties
  7. Elasticity + Data Redistribution
  8. Optimizations
  9. System Architecture
  10. Support for third-party systems:
  11. Why makes the system different from others?