Course Information

CS224 Piazza

We use Piazza for class announcements and discussions (CSCI 2240). If you have a question on a project that you feel may be beneficial to the class feel free to post it here. (Note: this does not mean share answers with the whole class)

Course Missive

An overview of the course policies. You really want to read it at least twice.

For an up-to-date syllabus see the assignments page and the course calendar.

Collaboration Policy

Please make sure to carefully read the CS224 collaboration policy and bring a signed copy to class. If you have any questions regarding our policy, do not hesitate to ask.

Support Code

We will be using the G3D Innovation Engine as a graphics framework for some of the projects. G3D is a commercial-grade C++ 3D graphics engine that supports, in addition to the features we will use, hardware accelerated real-time rendering, off-line rendering, and general purpose GPU computation. You can find the G3D Innovation Engine project page here.

Documentation for G3D can be found here: /contrib/projects/g3d10/G3D10/build/manual/index.html. This version of the docs may not completely match the manual on G3D's web page, so we suggest using CS224's local copy of the manual for reference.


Course Textbook

This year the textbook is required and can purchased here

Some Interesting Readings

An Improved Illumination Model for Shaded Display[Whitted]
Some Techniques for Shading Machine Renderings of Solids[Appel]
The Rendering Equation[Kajiya]
Bidirectional Path Tracing[Lafortune, Williams]
Global Illumination Using Photon Maps[Jensen]
Image Space Photon Mapping[McGuire, Luebke]
A Search Engine for 3D Models[Funkhouser, Min, Kazhdan, Chen, Halderman, Dobkin, Jacobs]
Differential Coordinates for Interactive Mesh Editing[Lipman, Sorkine, Cohen-Or, Levin, Rossl, Seidel]

General Readings

Metropolis Light Transport[Veach, Guibas]
CS123 Raytracing Slides[van Dam]
Mean Value Coordinates[Floater]
Teddy: A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design[Igarashi, Matsuoka, Tanaka]

Suggested Readings

CS143 Introductory MATLAB Tutorial[Roth]
Efficient Importance Sampling Techniques for Photon Maps[Keller, Wald]
MATLAB Tips[Spike]
Monte Carlo Pathtracing[Hanrahan]
Photon Maps in Bidirectional Monte Carlo Ray Tracing of Complex Objects[Jensen, Christensen]
Mean Value Coordinates for Closed Triangular Meshes[Ju, Schaefer, Warren]
Positive Mean Value Coordinates[Lipman, Kopf, Cohen-Or, Levin]