John Hughes (jfh), Professor
Mon 1-2 PM
CIT 365

Scott Houde(shoude), Head TA
Tue 3-5 PM
CIT 271 (The Fishbowl)

Yan Li, TA
Thur 7-9 PM
CIT 271 (The Fishbowl)


Welcome to CS224!
CS224 is a graduate-level computer graphics course. The primary goal of the course is to expose students to a wide range of subjects in computer graphics, taking a sophisticated approach to each one. A secondary goal is to give students in-depth experience with a particular topic via the final project. Although we aim to exercise students' software design skills and teach them new tools (software and mathematical), the majority of the time spent in the course will be related to learning computer graphics.

Many students take CS224 as the second half of a two-course sequence starting with CS123. CS123 (or equivalent graphics background) and CS32 (or equivalent software engineering experience) are prerequisites for the course. The course will move quickly and cover many topics. A strong emphasis will be placed on student initiative. The class will focus on a significant final project.

The textbook is required and can purchased here