CS1950v : Advanced GPU Programming


Welcome to CS1950v : Advanced GPU Programming. This class will assume previous experience with OpenGL / GLSL shaders (ie. from CSCI1230 : Introduction to Computer Graphics). This course will cover modern OpenGL (4.x) for real time graphics and computation, as well as an introduction to CUDA.


Fluids is Out

The fourth assignment, Fluids is out (a little early). This project requires you to implemented the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Lagrangian fluid simulation. There is no updated support code. You may either modify your previous project or start a new project in the projects folder.

NBody-Solar is Out

The third assignment, NBody has been posted. The updated support code is not yet ready, but you can read the handout if you're into that kind of thing. Keep an eye out for an email for update instructions, which should be out soon.

Warp is Out

The second assignment, Warp, has been posted. Please let us know if there are issues with the instructions or support code.

Support Code Modification

We made some fixes to the stencil code for life on 2/2/2012 at 6PM. If you copied the support code before then and are having problems, try out the new code. We also added some notes to the assignment handout on how to set up cmake and QtCreator.

Join the Google Group!

We will do the majority of our communication through the google group here so please sign up! We will also use this as the list of who is in the class, so please sign up if you are taking the course, and please unregister if you decide not to.

First Assignment Out

We have released the handout and support code for the first assignment (life). Please let us know if there are problems in accessing files or bugs in the support code.

Permanent New Meeting Time and Location

Our weekly meeting will now be from 4PM to 6PM on Tuesdays in CIT 367

New Meeting Location

For tomorrow (1/31), we will be meeting in CIT 367 at 4:00PM

New Meeting Time

Our new meeting time is Tuesdays 4PM-6PM. We are still working on getting a room

Rescheduling Meeting Time

We are looking to reschedule the class for a more convenient time. Please fill out this form and let us know your preference by this weekend (1/29). We will need one 3 hour block per week.

First Class

Our first class will be Thursday, 1/26 at 10:30 in CIT 506

Register on Banner!

As you might have noticed, we are no longer a GISP and now have a full entry on Banner. If you plan to take the course, please be sure to register properly.

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