Warmup1 will be due Wed 1/28

Posted on 26 Jan 2015 by ebirenba

Due to the upcoming blizzard, the due date for warmup1 has been pushed back. Instead of being due Tue 1/27, warmup1 will be due Wed 1/28. Unless the university cancels class for Wed 1/28, we will still hold lecture at 3PM, and warmup2 will be due the following Tuesday. All of this will be relayed in an e-mail.

Additionally, I (ebirenba) and Andrew (adimarco) will not be holding our hours today and tomorrow (respectively). One or both of us will hold hours directly after class on Wednesday.

Using the course scripts

Posted on 21 Jan 2015 by ebirenba

Until the department course group is properly set up, you'll need to run the course scripts (like the signup script) using their absolute path. To use the sign up, handin, and demo scripts, simply run "/course/cs1972/bin/cs1972_{insert script of choice here}" to run the script.

First lecture this Wednesday! 3PM in CIT 368!

Posted on 17 Jan 2015 by ebirenba

The first lecture for CS1972 will take place on the first day of classes for second semester in Lubrano (CIT477) at 3PM. The first assignment for the course will go out that night, and be due the following Tuesday (1/27) at 11:59:59PM.

Because class only meets once per week, attending each lecture is very important. We don't want you to start the semester off behind! If you are unable to attend the first lecture, be sure to check the website that night for the first assignment and the slides from the first lecture.

CS1972: Topics in 3D Game Engine Development

Posted on 24 Nov 2014 by ebirenba

CS1972: Topics in 3D Game Engine Development covers core techniques in 3D game development with an emphasis on engine architecture. Students independently develop their own engines using C++, OpenGL, and the Qt framework, then work in groups to create a polished game. Topics include: spatial subdivision, player representation, collision detection and response, and OpenGL. Prerequisites (in order of relevance to the course): one of CSCI 1230, CSCI 1971, CSCI 0320, or CSCI 0330. Enrollment limited to 25.

If you have not taken CS123: 3D Computer Graphics, you should complete the practice assignment before the beginning of the semester. This will adequately prepare you with the requisite C++ and OpenGL knowledge.