Project: PID for Altitude Control

In this project you will write and tune a PID controller for setting the altitude. In order to not worry about the planar control we will provide a rig for controlling the drone’s planar position.

Additionally, you will trim our PID controller for your drone. You flew in project 1, but your drone probably did not stay still right off the bat. We will set the I terms preloads so that your drone will zero it’s horizontal velocity more quickly.

Generate your github repo

Use this link to generate your github repo. Clone it to your drone and your basestation. Your drone needs to be connected to the internet (through RLAB or some other network) to do this.

git clone

This will create a new folder.


When you submit your assignment, your folder should contain the following files (that you modified or created) in addition to all of the other files that came with your repo.

  • z_sim/
  • scripts/z_pid.yaml
  • altitude.pdf

Commit and push your changes before the assignemt is due. This will allow us to access the files you pushed to Github and grade them accordingly. If you commit and push after the assignment deadline, we will use your latest commit as your final submission, and you will be marked late.

cd altitude-yourGitHubName
git add -A
git commit -a -m 'some commit message. maybe handin, maybe update'
git push

Note that assignments will be graded anonymously, so please don’t put your name or any other identifying information on the files you hand in.