Assignment: Safety

This assignment asks you to think about safety considerations with robotics. For some of these questions, there is no one correct answer, but we will publish our answers and our grading rubric will keep that in mind.

Problem 1 (50 points)

Read the OSHA Technical Manual on Industrial Robots and Robot System Safety. Try to be complete and creative! We will be using your answers in our own hazard analysis, and in creating safety guidelines, and we will discuss in class.

Perform a hazard analysis for the drone based on the OSHA guidelines. Summarize the information given in the build project. Think about how you will program the robot, how you will start it up, and what procedures you need. We have also published a proposed checklist in the Safety page. We will be mining your answers for additional suggestions as well, and will publish merged guidelines on the safety page! We are looking for three to five sentences to answer each question.

  1. What tasks will the robot be programmed to perform?
  2. What are the startup, command, or programming procedures? ()
  3. What environmental conditions are relevant?
  4. What are location/installation requirements to fly the drone?
  5. What are possible human errors?
  6. What maintenance is necessary?
  7. What are possible robot and system malfunctions?
  8. What is the normal mode of operation?

Problem 2 (10 points)

Read the FAA page on Unmanned Aircraft Systems We will be flying in accordance with the FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft. Do you need to register your drone? When do you need to report an accident to the FAA?

Problem 3 (10 points)

You would like to fly your drone at home over Thanksgiving break. What are the risks? What should you do to plan? What safety precautions should you take before you fly?

Problem 4 (10 points)

You would like to fly your drone in the lobby of the CIT. What are the risks? What should you do before you fly?

Problem 5 (20 points)

Read the NTSB accident report which we discussed in lecture, about the Midair Collision Over Hudson River. Click the “Related Report” link to download the 54-page PDF.

What can you learn from this incident about safe flying? What additional precautions does it suggest for safely operating your drone?


If you do not have a Github account, please create one at this link. We will be using git repos throughout the course for versioning, moving code around, and submitting assignments.

Once you have a github account, click on this link to join our Github classroom. This should ask you to select your name from the list and create a repository for you. Clone the directory to your computer

git clone

This will create a new folder. Before you submit your assignment, your folder should contain

  • safety.pdf

Commit and push your changes before the assignemt is due. This will allow us to access the files you pushed to Github and grade them accordingly. If you commit and push after the assignment deadline, we will use your latest commit as your final submission, and you will be marked late.

cd safety-yourGitHubName
git add safety.pdf
git commit -a -m 'some commit message. maybe handin, maybe update'
git push

Note that assignments will be graded anonymously, so please don’t put your name or any other identifying information on the files you hand in.

If your name is not in the list of names, please email and we will make sure your name is added to the list.