Baker Ripley Group

Information about BakerRipley Organization

BakerRipley is an organization in Houston, TX working to bring together, invest in, and uplift communities. Their programming is for youth, families and seniors and focuses on increasing access to resources and education. One of BakerRipley’s initiatives is a Meetup Group for family caregivers. They’ve found these groups to be a valuable way for caregivers to share information and establish a community for social support.

The Problem/Challenge

As a complement to BakerRipley’s caregiver Meetup Group, BakerRipley wanted a way for Houston-area caregivers to get area-centric caregiving resources quickly and easily. Thus, we were tasked with creating a website that connects caregivers to local and national resources in an intuitive, usable way. In designing the site, we needed to take into consideration our main users- Houston caregivers- and be sure to be as inclusive, accommodating, and clear as possible.

Our Project

We created a caregiving website for BakerRipley which featured:


Caregiver Assessment Tool Connections Page Local Resource Finder National Resource Finder

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