If you want to run DrScheme on the computer science machines, run /course/cs173/bin/drscheme .

If you want to run DrScheme on a personal computer:

  1. Install version 299.200 ALPHA from the DrScheme Website.
  2. Run DrScheme. Select File | Install .plt File... and specify http://cs.brown.edu/courses/cs173/2005/plai299.plt as the URL. You shouldn't see any errors during the installation process; if you do, please contact the course staff.
  3. Restart DrScheme. Visit Language | Choose Language.... Expand the Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation tab. Choose the language PLAI - Advanced Student. Click OK. Then click Run in DrScheme.
You are now ready to begin programming in the language for the course.

Important: File Corruption Bug in Windows Version of DrScheme 299.200

If you work on a Windows machine, do not insert non-textual elements (e.g., images, boxes, graphical characters) into your Scheme files. There is a bug in v299.200 that corrupts these files, preventing you from re-opening them.

Glasgow Haskell Compiler

To use the interactive Haskell evaluator on the department network, run /course/cs173/bin/ghci . If you want to install the Haskell system on a personal computer, you can download the same version here.

SWI Prolog

The SWI Prolog system is installed on the CS department network in /usr/bin/prolog. To load a file, enter its name between square brackets and single quotes at the prompt, followed by a period. For example, to load a file called types.prolog:

?- ['types.prolog'].
% types.prolog compiled 0.00 sec, 2,124 bytes


Now the definitions from the file are in the database and will be reflected in any queries entered at the prompt.