To communicate with us, please send mail directly to We will direct our answers to the newsgroup if we think the questions and answers should be of general interest. Please don’t post directly to the course newsgroup or send mail to us individually in addition to mailing the alias listed above. We will remove your name from the questions if we think it appropriate (so you need not feel embarassed about asking “easy” questions), while also giving credit where it’s due. If you have a complaint and don't wish to send it to the list, contact the professor directly.

TA Hours

9-10:30PM (Isaac)
3-4PM (Leo)
1-2PM (Spiros)
8-9PM (Isaac)
5-6:30PM (Leo)
4-5:30PM (Greg)
8-9:30PM (Spiros)

All TA hours are held in the Fishbowl on the second floor of the CIT (between the elevators). Shriram's office hours are listed on his Web page.