Assignment 8

Part of this assignment's wording is inspired by the redoubtable David Evans at the University of Virginia. Thanks, Dave!

Earlier in the semester, I presented some epigrams in programming by Alan Perlis. I've mentioned, in passing, that I think there is more wisdom in their agglomeration than in the whole of some computer science textbooks.

But even Perlis must be wrong sometimes. Pick three epigrams of Perlis you disagree with. Explain and justify.

Your document should be no longer than the indictment portion of the Declaration of Independence (which, as I have noted, is also a study in balancing liberty and safety). A sentence might suffice in response, if you can make it as witty and insightful (and germane, to boot) as the epigram you debunk; but at all costs, be serious, technical and concise.

If you need more space to destroy epigrams than Mr. Jefferson did, in splendor and stirring lyricism, to distill the principles of the Age of Reason, justify a trecherous rebellion, and establish a Free and Independent nation, you are probably overestimating the difficulty of the task or the importance of your writing.

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