Assignment 3

In this assignment, you will extend your solution to Part 2 of Assignment 1.

Part 2 of Assignment 1 implements a basic registrar functionality. The solutions fall short on a few counts.

  • First, it doesn't let you save your course selection for future browsing. That's okay, though; you're a decisive bunch, so once you choose, you stick to your choices.
  • Second, it doesn't let you update any of your personal information. When you go off on that study-abroad program, you can't list your new address on a narrow cobbled street of the Quartier Latin. That's got to be a bummer.

In this assignment, you will update your previous solution to offer an address change facility. That is, every generated Web page will include a link or button through which you can change your address. Clicking on this link will take you to a page similar to the personal information page. Clicking Submit on this page will take you to a confirmation page indicating your information has changed. You can then use the Back button to return to your previous activity. Henceforth, all generated pages will include the updated personal information (until the next update). (When you first go Back to your activity, the page may be out-of-date. That's okay. All subsequent pages, as well as re-loading that page, should present the new personal information.)

Your solution must satisfy the Cloning Test. Find a browser that lets you clone the current window (e.g., File | New | Window, or Ctrl+N, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, at least in versions 4 and above). When you update personal information in one clone, the next generated page in both windows must reflect the update.

personal information pagesecond pageafter adding cs16 (assume this window has also been cloned) — updating personal informationupdate acknowledgmentre-loading in the clone

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