[lambdaheads]Codewalk Instructions


You may want to first (re-)acquaint yourself with the principles of codewalks.

A codewalk is primarily a presentation, by you to us, so all the usual formalities of presentations apply (except, of course, please don't dress formally for the occasion!). It is not a chat or discussion session. Treat it as you would a formal presentation in any other course. The only difference is the content of your slides.

Your presentation must cover the programs that you wrote for the assigned homework. Follow these simple rules:

  • Print out the program. Transfer it to overhead transparencies. Conduct your presentation using an overhead projector (which we'll provide).
  • Before you print, put some effort into making sure the presentation is reasonable. Break excessively long and unruly lines to a more manageable length. Don't split a function body across page break boundaries. Use common sense. We really are going to read your code. If the physical presentation is unreadable, it's going to be harder to convince us of its behavior. (But don't spend time fontifying it and so forth. Plain Courier is fine. So is using SLaTeX.)
  • Other than formatting changes, you may not alter your program. In particular, you may not change its behavior in any way.
  • Bring along, preferably also on slides, auxilliary parts of your homework such as test-cases.

You should present the complete content of your program. Be flexible in your presentation. We may ask you to skip the details of some part, elaborate on the details of some other part, or even re-order your presentation entirely. Remind yourself of the goal of a code-walk.