[lambdaheads]Essay 1-redux


This is the continuation of Essay 1. The task is the same: to evaluate an ``obscure'' language. You must use the same programming language that you chose earlier. You are still required to turn in a one-page evaluation. Your grade for this assignment is based on your second (i.e., this) essay. You may of course decide that your first essay was sufficient, and turn it in again unchanged, because the parameters of the exercise haven't changed.

A few content guidelines:

  • The quality of writing does matter. Pay attention to low-level details such as spelling and punctuation, mid-level details such as colloquial and passive speech, and high-level details such as organization. If you include an example, explain it and justify its inclusion.
  • You will be evaluated for the quality of your technical assessment. Be particularly cautious in your choice of technical terms.
  • Write a technical document — don't transcribe an informal chat. Beware of loose or vague statements. You may of course express opinions, but be sure to carefully delineate and justify them.

As before, assume your target audience is a fellow computer programmer at a software company who has asked you to evaluate the language you chose.

Your final essay is due by 2am on 2000-11-22. We will not accept any late submissions. Here are two presentation guidelines:

  • Write what you would consider one page of technical content. Your line-spacing or headers may make the document longer than one physical page; that's okay. Note that the size excludes large figures, the bibliography, and other appendages.
  • Usual standards of academic honesty apply; if you use material from the Web, cite it! (And be sure it's trustworthy ...) Don't quote large segments of text or code from a Web site or other source as a surrogate for doing your own writing.
  • This is a scholarly work. Use standard bibliographic citation conventions. Scribbling in a Web site's URL by hand as an afterthought is not acceptable.

Brown has a Writing Center. It's free. Use it.