Operating Systems


167/9 lectures happen Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 2:50pm in CIT 368.

As of Friday, Feb. 10, the lecture videos will not be posted here individually; instead, you can find them at the Brown Panopto site, in the CS1670 folder which you should have access to. If you do not have access, please email the TA list.

Date Topic Reading Download
Jan 25Intro. to CS167 and OS1.1-1.2 Full Notes Video
Jan 27Threads Implementations Full Notes Video
Jan 30Threads Implementations Full Notes Video
Feb 1Threads Implementations4.1 Full Notes Video
Feb 3I/O and Interrupts(Slides and Notes: Feb. 1) Video
Feb 6Interrupts and Booting Full Notes Video
Feb 8Introduction to UNIX™ and Weenix OS Structure Full Notes Video
Feb 10Introduction to UNIX™ and Weenix OS Structure Full Notes
Feb 13Introduction to UNIX™ and Weenix OS Structure5.1 Full Notes
Feb 15OS Design: Virtual Machines4.2.1 Full Notes
Feb 17OS Design: Virtual Machines Full Notes
Feb 20Holiday!!
Feb 22OS Design: Microkernels4.2.2 Full Notes
Feb 24Scheduling5.2 Full Notes
Feb 27Scheduling5.3 Full Notes
March 1Scheduling Full Notes
March 3Scheduling Full Notes
March 6File Systems Full Notes
March 8File Systems6.1 Full Notes
March 10File Systems6.2 Full Notes
March 13File Systems6.3 Full Notes
March 15ZFS (Guest Lecture by Matt Ahrens) Full
March 17Virtual Memory: Architecture6.4 Full Notes
March 20Virtual Memory: OS7.1-7.2 Full Notes
March 22In-Class Help Session: Midterm
March 23Midterm Exam: 7pm - 9pm (Barus & Holley 166)
March 24Virtual Memory: OS7.3 Full Notes
March 27Holiday!!
March 29Holiday!!
March 31Holiday!!
April 3Virtual Memory: OS Full Notes
April 5Virtual Memory: OS Full Notes
April 7Security Full Notes
April 10Security8.1 Full Notes
April 12Security8.2 Full Notes
April 14Communication Protocols Full Notes
April 17Remote Procedure Call Protocols9.1
April 19Distributed File Systems Full Notes
April 21Distributed File SystemsCh. 10 Full Notes
April 24Avoiding Operating Systems Full Notes
April 26Summing Up
May 10(5pm) Help Session: Final Exam
May 12Final Exam: 2pm - 5pm