CS166 / CS 162

Computer Systems Security


All questions related to course material should be posted (publicly or privately) on Piazza. CS162-specific questions should be posted on the CS162 Piazza. For guidance on which posts should be public and which should be private, see the Collaboration Policy.

For other questions or concerns, please email the TA list (cs1660tas@lists.brown.edu), or to contact the professors/HTA, email the HTA list (cs1660headtas@lists.brown.edu).




rtRoberto Tamassia (Professor)CIT 473
zstollZoe Stoll (HTA)
agokoslaAaron Gokoslan (HTA)
obenabdeOussama ben Abdelbaki
jbrowerJustin Brower
arothenAnne Rothen
jzhang12Jingyiping Zhang
zdixonZach Dixon
gbeltranMemo Beltran