CS166 / CS162

Computer Systems Security


Homeworks are due electronically on Mondays at 11:59 pm.

Solutions are password-protected; the password is available on the CS filesystem at /course/cs166/pub/solutions_password.


Release Date

Handin Date

Homework 01SolutionJan 29Feb 5
Homework 02SolutionFeb 5Feb 19
Homework 03SolutionFeb 20Mar 6
Homework 04SolutionMar 6Mar 20
Homework 05Mar 21Apr 16
Homework 06Apr 9Apr 30


Release Date

Handin Date

CS162 Warmup Project Jan 26 Feb 6
Cryptography ProjectFeb 1Feb 15
Flag ProjectSolutionFeb 15Feb 25, Mar 8
Handin ProjectSolutionMar 8Mar 23, Apr 6
Dropbox ProjectApr 5Apr 12, May 3, May 10
Dropbox PentestingMay 10

*dates subject to change