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Embedded and Real-Time Software

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No Lab Section on Sep 9

First Tuesday lab is September 14 and first Thursday lab is September 16. See you then!


Welcome to the Fall 2021 course page for CSCI1600!

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Welcome to CSCI 1600, Embedded and Real-Time Systems!

This course introduces the concepts necessary to write software for embedded and real time systems, such as those found in Internet of Things devices, robots, and cars. The course emphasizes how embedded systems differ from traditional software systems and how these differences translate to challenges in the design, development, testing, and deployment of these systems. How do you design software that may be constrained by power and memory usage and timing? What about software that needs to interface with sensors and other devices in the “real world,” and that may have safety implications if it malfunctions? How do you model and verify devices that are interacting with the physical world? This course aims to teach you specific engineering skills and considerations so that you can address these challenges.

Course policies and expectations can be found on the Information page.