Meet the Team
The Professor
Paul Valiant
CEO/Chairman of the Board
CIT 379
The HTAs
Katie Scholl
Chief Aesthetics Officer
Thursday 12-1PM, CIT 201; 10:30PM-12AM, CIT 219
Shelley Jain
Chief Sass Officer
Thursday 6:30-8:30PM, CIT 219
Tracy Chin
Chief Instigating Officer
Wednesday 10PM-12AM, CIT 219
Jasper Lee (Grad TA)
Intern (Nephew of CEO)
Monday 7-9PM, CIT 219
The UTAs
Alberta Devor
Deep Machine Teacher
Wednesday 8:00-10:00PM, CIT 219
Alex Fratila
Whiteboard Czar
Thursday 8:30-10:30PM, CIT 219
Ben Murphy
Head of Dreaming
Thursday 9:30-11:30PM, CIT 219
Edwin Farley
Hardo in Residence
Sunday 8:00pm - 10:00pm, CIT 227
Katie Chu
Office Dog
Friday 3-5PM, CIT 205
Leeron Lempel
Executive Bathroom Napper
Thursday 6:30-8:30PM, CIT 219
Mae Heitmann
Deep Learner
Thursday 8:30-10:30PM, CIT 219
Marko Fejzo
Head of Lettuce
Friday 3-5PM, CIT 205
Nate Weir
Head of Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
Wednesday 5-7PM, CIT 219
Nick Tomlin
Social Media Influencer
Sunday 12-2PM, Moonlab (CIT 227)
Owen Lynch
Assistant Enthusiast
Thursday 4-6PM, CIT 201
Sarah Kim
Head 🤔
Tuesday 10PM-12AM, CIT 219
Steven Pei
Recruiter of Spoons
Wednesday 7-9PM, CIT 219
Tim Chang
Executive Sensei
Wednesday 6-8PM, CIT 219
Wes Dencker
Director of Disruption
Sunday 7-9PM, Moonlab (CIT 227)
Yifei Wu
Head Buzzword Generator
Wednesday 9-11PM, CIT 219