Sections are held most weeks on Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm in CIT165 (Motorola). In general, they are intended to reinforce concepts from lecture by going over practice problems.

Date (6pm-8pm) Topic TAs
Sept. 12 Proof Writing and Style Lael, Ben
Sept. 19 Fourier Transforms (Vuvuzela Denoising Example) Jacob, Adarsh
Oct. 3 Competitive Analysis Shelley, Zoe
(Week of) Oct. 17 Midterm Review Jasper
Oct. 24 Greedy Algorithms Oliver, Sara
Oct. 31 NP-Hardness Clayton, Sara
Nov. 28 Duality, Linear Programming Jasper, Reca
Dec. 5 Max-Flow Trent, Oliver
(Week of) Dec. 12 Final Review Jasper