Press Conferences
Want more access? Sections are held most weeks on Tuesday from 7-9PM in CIT 165 (Motorola). In general, they are intended to reinforce concepts from class by going over practice problems.
Date (7-9PM) Topic TAs
Sept. 11 Proof Writing and Style Steven Pei, Nicholas Tomlin, Owen Lynch
Sept. 18 Fourier Transforms Mae Heitmann, Ben Murphy
Oct. 2 Competitive Analysis Alberta Devor, Shelley Jain
(Week of) Oct. 16 Midterm Review TBA
Oct. 23 Greedy Algorithms TBA
Oct. 30 NP-Hardness TBA
Nov. 27 Duality, Linear Programming Marko Fejzo
Dec. 4 Max Flow Marko Fejzo, Alberta Devor
(Week of) Dec. 12 Final Review TBA