Introduction to Machine Learning, Fall 2013

CSCI 1420: Brown University Department of Computer Science

ENGN 2520: Brown University School of Engineering

Course Information
See the syllabus, and the calendar for details on readings, lectures, and recitations.
The primary course textbook is Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective, by Dr. Kevin Murphy, published by The MIT Press. Printed copies are available from the Brown University Bookstore. Amazon sells print and electronic editions.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-3:50pm, CIT room 165. First lecture on Sept. 5, 2013.
Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00pm, CIT room 368. Led by the graduate teaching assistant. For easiest access to the third floor of the CIT building, arrive a few minutes before 5:00pm.
Professor Erik Sudderth, office hours Wednesdays from 2:00-3:30pm, CIT room 509.
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Michael Hughes, office hours Tuesdays from 12:00-1:00pm, Thursdays from 1:00-2:00pm, CIT room 315.
Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
Bowei Wang, office hours Mondays from 6:00-8:00pm, CIT room 219.
Leela Senthil Nathan, office hours Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm, CIT room 219.
Phillip Denys, Head UTA, office hours Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00pm, CIT room 219.
William Stephenson, office hours Thursdays from 6:00-8:00pm, CIT room 219.
Mailing Lists
Please direct all questions about assignments and materials to the course staff at cs142tas-at-cs. Course announcements will be sent to the Brown email addresses of registered students, and listed below.
Previous Courses
Spring 2013: CSCI 1950-F: Introduction to Machine Learning, Pedro Felzenszwalb.
Spring 2012: CSCI 1950-F: Introduction to Machine Learning, Erik Sudderth.
Spring 2011: CSCI 1950-F: Introduction to Machine Learning, Erik Sudderth.
Fall 2009: CSCI 1950-F: Introduction to Machine Learning, Mark Johnson and Erik Sudderth.
Fall 2006: CS 195-5: Introduction to Machine Learning, Greg Shakhnarovich.


November 22, 2013
All office hours are cancelled during Thanksgiving week, Nov. 25-29. The TAs will resume their normal office hours from Dec. 2-5, for questions regarding homework 10. A special office hour schedule will be announced to the course mailing list for Dec. 9-13, the week of the final exam.
October 8, 2013
Prof. Sudderth's office hours for Wednesday, Oct. 9 are cancelled. He will instead hold office hours on Thursday, Oct. 10 from 4:00-5:00pm.
October 2, 2013
Grades for homework 1, and information about grading criteria, have been distributed via email.
September 27, 2013
We have extended the deadline for late homework submissions to four days after the primary deadline (11:59pm on the subsequent Monday evening). This is effective immediately, and applies to homework 2.
September 25, 2013
We have created a new primary mailing list for course announcements, hosted on Students who completed the registration form are members, and should have recieved an announcement today about accessing homework 1 solutions. If you did not receive this message, contact the course staff.
September 12, 2013
All registered students should have received an email linking to a brief course registration survey. Please complete by Sept. 15, as it will be used to create the primary course mailing list, and give your CS account permission to handin homeworks. If you did not receive the registration email, contact the course staff.
September 10, 2013
Recitations will be held on Tuesdays from 5:00-6:00pm in CIT room 368, starting today. Staff office hours have also been set (see schedule above). The instructor and graduate TA will hold office hours this week, while UTA office hours will begin the week of September 16.
September 4, 2013
Course lectures will be held in CIT room 165. The lecture location was temporarily listed incorrectly on Brown's banner website; do not go to Wilson Hall.
September 2, 2013
The first lecture will be held on Thursday, September 5. For those observing Rosh Hashanah, detailed lecture slides will be posted on the course calendar.