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These are the reports for the final projects: Group Ottoman, SuperGroup, and Group Tempus Fugit

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We will explore the visual and human-computer interaction design process for scientific applications in immersive virtual reality. This course will be cross listed at Brown and RISD and co-taught by David Laidlaw from Brown Computer Science and Fritz Drury from RISD Illustration. Dmitri Lemmerman and Daniel Acevedo will TA. Computer science students and students from other scientific areas will learn how to work effectively with each other as well as with artists and designers in creating applications targeting Brown's Cave. A Cave is an eight foot cube whose floor and walls are covered with displays which we will use to create interactive 3D virtual environments. Artists and designers will learn to interact with scientists in designing and realizing applications in this new medium. We will study the process of design from several perspectives; learn about some specific scientific problems; study existing applications of scientific visualization and virtual reality; explore the medium of the Cave; create designs for the scientific applications; critique, evaluate, realize, and iterate the designs; and culminate with a demonstration of final projects.