Authorware Overview


Authorware is an integration program. It is perfect for putting multi-media together in one structured, interactive program. It is not, however, the best tool for creating images, sounds or animations.

The metaphor used is that of a procedural program's execution flowline. The programmer adds graphics, animation or sounds to the flowline in the order she wants them to appear. Media components can be created in Photoshop, Director, SoundEdit, FreeHand, Authorware itself, etc, and can stay up on the screen for as long the programmer wants by setting the components' properties.

Media components are added to the flowline using Icons, hence Authorware's Icon-Based authoring scheme. There are ?12? different kinds of icons that represent the different media components. You drag an icon from an Icon Palette to the main flowline and double-click on it to add the desired media. The icons that distinguish Authorware from other authoring tools are the Framework, Interaction and Decision Icons. The Framework Icon allows you to navigate through parts of your program, the Interaction Icon allows you to interact with the user, and the Decision Icon allows you to take specific paths according to criteria you set. It is important to note that other programs will allow you to create these same functionalities, but they will inevitable require heavy scripting, while Authorware Icons have their functionalities self-contained..



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