A good way to learn about the entertainment events in Providence is to get on the e-mail mailing lists for various organizations. One such organization is AS220, a non-profit arts space. AS220 provides space for Rhode Island artists to exhibit, create or perform. Their mailing list informs recipients of upcoming events.

To send e-mail to AS220 to request to be on their mailing list, you address the mail to as220@as220.org. This address is in the form user-name@hostname.

To: enter the address here

The hostname is a mail server. As you learned in the Internet section, a hostname is actually an alias for the IP address of a specific computer. A mail server is the computer in a network or intranet that stores all the e-mail for the people on that network.

The user name is an account that the mail server uses to distinguish the users. Each user must have a unique name on the system. Geoff@as220.org will mail Geoff Griffin, who is in charge of Internet Services at AS220.

The fields cc and bcc allow you to send the mail to additional people. The people in the cc field get a "carbon copy" of the e-mail. Carbon copy implies that the e-mail is directed to the person in the "To" field, but is still important for the additional recipients to read. Bcc (blind carbon copy) sends a copy of the e-mail to the people listed in the bcc field, but their names do not appear on the list of recipients. No one but the sender knows that these people received the e-mail.

The attachments field allows you to attach other documents to your e-mail. Often attachments need an application besides the e-mail software to be read. For example, if you attach something you wrote in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, the recipient would need Microsoft Word or another compatible word processing program in order to read the document.

cc: enter any cc'd recipients
bcc: enter any bcc'd recipients
Attachments: enter any attachments

After you address the e-mail, you can give it a subject and write a short request to be on their mailing list.*

Subject: enter the subject here
Message: fill in the e-mail message here
*NOTE: This is only a simulation. No e-mail will actually be sent.

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