Original Project Description

School: Brown University
Teacher: Roger Mayer
Audience: Visual Art 10 (and Color Theory) undergraduates
Project: For a module on color theory, Professor Mayer would like a computer-based version of "Goethe's Triangle," as well as an exercise in pattern transformation, and neither of these are available to him on the Albers CD-ROM he currently assigns in "Art 10," and in his class on color theory.
Comments: A great and challenging programming project that provides an opportunity to learn a good deal about color theory, while also appreciating how tricky it can be to program color on the computer. The project will most likely require Java, C, or C++, and documentation (both of the project and the product) will be critical. In addition to Professor Mayer, I imagine the project team will look to members of the Brown Graphics Group "Exploratoria" GISP for advice and assistance.

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