There are no assigned lab times, but you must get your lab checked off by a TA during lab hours by the last lab time the Wednesday the lab is due. Note that labs will not be checked off at regular TA hours.

Lab Times

All labs will be held in CIT 201. Lab times will only be held on weeks when a lab is due. Check the Calendar page to see when lab hours are being held.

Topic Date Released Date Due
Getting Started (Setup) 1/24 1/31
Testing 1/24 1/31
HTML 2/1 2/7
JavaScript 2/8 2/14
Databases 2/22 2/28
Profiling 3/1 3/7
Canvas 3/15 3/21
Concurrency 4/5 4/11
Websockets 4/12 4/18
Deployment (Optional) 4/19