For all labs except the first, you will be assigned to a weekly lab slot. You must complete the lab in your assigned slot to receive full credit. If you cannot attend your weekly lab slot, you may check it off at your next lab slot the following week. After one week past the deadline to initially get checked off, you will not receive credit for that lab.

Lab Times

All labs will be held in either the Sunlab or MS Lab. Lab times will only be held on weeks when a lab is due. Check the Calendar page to see when lab hours are being held.

Topic Date Released Date Due
Getting Started (Setup) 1/1 1/29
Git+Testing 1/23 1/29
HTML+CSS 1/30 2/5
Databases 2/6 2/12
Profiling 2/20 2/26
JavaScript 2/27 3/4
Canvas 3/12 4/3
Concurrency 4/2 4/4 4/8 4/10
Deployment (Optional) 4/9 4/11 4/15 4/17