Hours Info and Policies

  • During TA Hours, you can ask questions related to course concepts and projects.
  • All TA hours are in CIT 201 and the Fishbowl (CIT 271).
  • All Lab hours are in the Sunlab (CIT 143) and the MS Lab (CIT 167).
  • All Collab hours are in CIT 219 and the Moonlab (CIT 227).
  • Please check Piazza before attending hours for any changes or cancellations.
  • You may not ask questions about the labs or get labs checked off at TA Hours.
  • Use SignMeUp to queue for hours.
  • If hours are busy, each student will be capped at 10 minutes.
  • The goal of TA hours is to help you be as effective as possible, and thus TAs will not comprehensively debug your code during hours.

No hours right now? Ask your questions on Piazza.