During TA Hours, you can ask questions related to course concepts and projects.

Hours Info

  • All TA hours are in CIT 205.
  • Please check Piazza before attending hours for any changes or cancellations.
  • You may not ask questions about the labs or get labs checked off at TA Hours.
  • Use SignMeUp to queue for hours.
  • If hours are busy, each student will be capped at 15 minutes.
  • The goal of TA hours is to help you be as effective as possible, and thus TAs will not comprehensively debug your code during hours.
Day When Who
Sunday 2-4pm Sara and Rafael
Sunday 4-6pm Nina and Brian
Sunday 6-8pm Sahil and Sean
Monday 3-5pm Ben W. and Ansel
Monday 5-7pm Lindsey and Ben S.
Monday 8-10pm Joe R. and Ping
Tuesday 7-9pm Katie and Rick
Thursday 4-6pm Adam and Greg
* Lab weeks only
9-11am* See lab TAs (CIT 201)
(Every week)
2-4pm Joe E. and Erica
Saturday 2-4pm Jonathan and Nick F.
Saturday 4-6pm Nick D.

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