Make Your Own Car Ad

VDL Categories: Visual Culture, Art & Design

Project type

Begin as in-class activity, finish at home





Background materials



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Relevance to VDL

Because images, especially photographs, seem "natural", it is often more difficult to view them critically than it is to read text critically. This project involves use of cultural visual coding as applied to culturally important artifacts (cars). It should make you more proficient at visual creation and more critical viewers of visual media.


Interactive multimedia software



Materials Needed


Examples of relevant applications of the module content




Assignment will be based on both effectiveness of visual work and explanation of intent. Explanation may weigh more heavily if technical problems/learning curve with Photoshop got in the way of intended efforts or if lack of design skills greatly impacted aesthetics of final outcome. Key factors will be: effectiveness in appealing to different audiences (clarity of message, quality of design) and creative use of the imagery. The audiences do not need to be typical (e.g. Soccer Moms, Business Men ,etc.). Be inventive and have fun!