caroline klivans / mom

Office: 323 Division of Applied Math, 182 George St.

Head TAs

ryan roelke / professor farnsworth

Employee Login : rroelke
Hometown : Basking Ridge, NJ
Skills : Craggy Ascension, Orchestral Proficiency
Incompatibilites : Most creamy things, Nacho Cheese
Work Assignment: Math/CS
Hours: Sunday 4-6

izaak baker / the hypnotoad

Employee Login : iebaker
Hometown : Newport, RI
Skills : Legendary, but shrouded in mystery
Incompatibilites : Airborne particulate, Fragaria x ananassa, chewing noises
Work Assignment: CS
Hours: Tuesday 8-10... ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD


angelia wang / amy wong

Employee Login : afwang
Hometown : Pittsburgh
Skills : Applied melodic locomotion, topological puzzle solving, multiple object aerial suspension
Incompatibilites : Olea europaea
Work Assignment: APMA/Bio
Hours: Monday 8-10

benjamin bauer / zapp brannigan

Employee Login : bdbauer
Hometown : Cooperstown, NY
Skills : Advanced baseball apathy, Brownian motion, Calzone Connoisseur
Incompatibilites :Araneae, Losing
Work Assignment: CS/Econ
Hours:Friday 6-8

alex constantino / kif kroker

Employee Login : acconsta
Hometown : Pittsburgh
Skills : Felis Catus Enjoyment
Incompatibilites : Puns
Work Assignment: Comp Bio
Hours: Monday 9-11

tess druckenmiller / turanga leela

Employee Login : tdrucken
Hometown : New New York
Skills : Harmonious vibration applications, fighting, textile arrangement
Incompatibilites : Nephropidae, Hugs
Work Assignment: Math/CS
Hours:Tuesday 6-8

max fuller / philip j fry

Employee Login : mjfuller
Hometown : Nyack, NY
Skills : Screaming Proficiency, Numbers, Space whale hunting
Incompatibilites : Four Dimensional Space Whales, Giant Sea Creatures
Work Assignment: Math/CS
Hours:Monday 6-8

evan fuller / dr. john zoidberg

Employee Login : emfuller
Hometown : Baltimore, MD
Skills : Sitcom data mining, snowy slope descension, hammer to string collision specialist
Incompatibilites : Puns, roller coasters
Work Assignment: Math/CS
Hours:Wednesday 8-10

kenneth lin / hermes conrad

Employee Login : kl47
Hometown : Needham, MA
Skills : Keys. Keys. Keys. Keys.
Incompatibilites : Doge. (So anger, such brain slug. wow.)
Work Assignment: APMA??/CS
Hours: Sunday 1-3

casey maher / scruffy

Employee Login : cdmaher
Hometown : Clinton,NJ
Skills : Team-based sphere-basket insertion, animation, computer-brain washing
Incompatibilites : 9 AM's
Work Assignment: CS
Hours: Sunday 3-5

steven mcgarty / nibbler

Employee Login : smcgarty
Hometown : Long Island/ Baltimore
Skills : Intraspecies gathering organization, metallic and wooden manufacture, gastronomical design
Incompatibilites : Coriandrum sativum
Work Assignment: APMA/CS
Hours: Tuesday 6-8

justin oh / bender

Employee Login : sjo
Hometown : Syracuse, NY
Skills : Competitive projectile volley, strategic grid arrangement
Incompatibilites :Agaricus bisporus
Work Assignment: Math/CS
Hours: Tuesday 8-10

joseph stein / donbot

Employee Login : jas14
Hometown : CT. Literally all of it.
Skills : BDH Gnome Overlord, Applied Capitalism, Six String Chordophony
Incompatibilites : Anytime between dawn and noon
Work Assignment: CS
Hours: Monday 7-9

siyi zhang / slurms mackenzie

Employee Login : sz22
Hours: Saturday 2-4

nicolas schank / robot santa

Employee Login : nschank
Hometown : Gaithersburg, MD
Skills : Leg Muscle Manipulation, Bed Utilization
Incompatibilites : Green Olives, Soda
Hours: Monday 10-12

jonathan bunce / kwanzaa bot

Employee Login : jbunce
Hours: Sunday 5-7

phil denys / dr. wernstrom

Employee Login : pdenys
Hours: Monday 5-7