Important Documents

Course Textbook

PDF Mathematics for Computer Science
Lehman, Leighton, Meyer

Course Documentation

PDF Course Missive
PDF Collaboration Policy


WEB Logisim
PDF Notes

Math Resources

Useful references for course-related mathematics.

PDF What don't I have to prove?
PDF Set Identities
PDF Logical Equivalences

Sample Proofs

PDF Bidirectional
PDF Bijective
PDF Cases
PDF Conditional Probability
PDF Contradiction
PDF Contraposition
PDF Counterexample
PDF Induction
PDF More Induction
PDF Set Equivalence
PDF Strong Induction

Everything About LaTeX

LaTeX (pronounced la-tek... just because) is a typesetting program that you can (and should!) use to make your homework solutions look beautiful. This class involves a healthy dose of mathematical notation, which means LaTeX could be your best friend! If you already have/know LaTeX, you should use the following template:

TEX LaTex Homework Template

If you know LaTeX, but do not have it installed on your computer, grab one of these...

WEB MiKTeX (Windows)
WEB MacTeX (Mac)
WEB Texmaker (Cross Platform)

If you're using LaTeX and you just don't know what the code for some symbol is, this is a neat site which will return the LaTeX code based on handwritten input:

WEB DeTeXify

Finally, if you've never done this whole LaTeX business before, don't panic! Here are some links to help you get started:

PDF A Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX
PDF LaTeX Symbols Guide
PDF Essential LaTeX
WEB Art of Problem Solving: LaTeX
WEB LaTeX Intro Wikibook