Current Assignment

Turn in a completed Homework 0 to our handin bin (second floor of the CIT, near the front stairs) by 11 PM on Tuesday, January 27. Please do not bring them to class.

Note that we cannot grade any assignments until you've handed in the signed policy.


Assignments go out each Wednesday after class. They are due the following Tuesday at 11 PM.

# Homework Problem Session Out Due On Solutions
0 Collaboration Policy --- 1/21/2015 1/27/2015 ---
1 Homework 1 --- 1/28/2015 2/3/2015 ---


Here are some resources to help you with your assignments. Note that the cover page or equivalent is required starting with homework 1, and you are responsible for the contents of the style guide.

If you need more time due to extenuating circumstances, please email the Head TAs or the professor to explain your situation. Otherwise, please complete the homework as much as you are able. For more information, refer to the late policy in the course missive.