7 Assignments

All work will be due at 11:59pm of the indicated day.

Important notes:
  1. You will be submitting your tests separate from your implementations. When you submit tests, make sure you have given a description to each set of tests. In Pyret, we can do this as follows:

    check "this is descriptive text":

      1 is 1

      2 is 2


    The descriptive string should explain the goal of that set of tests. Goals capture specific behavior, such as “checks behavior on positive numbers”, rather than generic statements like “tests the function”.

  2. Just as with the supplements, we will run your tests against our own correct and incorrect implementations. Therefore, in your tests files, do not include implementations of the required functions (we will provide those). However, if your tests reference any other functions, make sure those are included explicitly so that the tests run with just the addition of our wheat and chaff implementations.







Final Due



Wed, Sep 6



Fri, Sep 8



Sat, Sep 9



Tue, Sep 12



Tue, Sep 12



Thu, Sep 14

Data Scripting 1


Fri, Sep 15



Sun, Sep 17



Mon, Sep 18


Tue, Sep 19


Thu, Sep 21

Data Scripting 2


Fri, Sep 22



Sun, Sep 24



Mon, Sep 25


Tue, Sep 26


Thu, Sep 28



Fri, Sep 29


Sun, Oct 1


Thu, Oct 5

Continued Fractions


Wed, Oct 11



Sun, Oct 15



Mon, Oct 16


Wed, Oct 18


Sun, Oct 22



Mon, Oct 16


Wed, Oct 18


Sun, Oct 22

Tour Guide


Mon, Oct 23


Thu, Oct 26


Sun, Nov 5



Mon, Nov 6



Sun, Nov 12

Fluid Images 1


Mon, Nov 13


Wed, Nov 15


Sun, Nov 19

Fluid Images 2


Mon, Nov 27



Thu, Nov 30



Fri, Dec 1



Tue, Dec 5

The labs are as follows:

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