Programming with
Data Structures and Algorithms


In this assignment you will use universe to create a simple game. In the game you pilot a UFO and attempt to abduct cows without hitting the ground.

To get started you will need the teachpack. This teachpack is preinstalled in DrScheme, so you just need to add it to your language. Do this by selecting "Add Teachpack..." from the "Language" menu and choosing from the list on the left.

You will also need the four clipart images found at You can insert an image into your Scheme code by selecting "Insert Image..." from the "Insert" menu.

Finally, you may want to look through the fully worked-out example of a universe program (Flight Lander) in How to Design Worlds.

The Problem

When you are finished, your game should contain the following:

To make the assignment easier, you may want to break it up into simpler stages. We suggest you look at the intermediate stages listed on the same page as the images. That page also has some useful videos to give you an idea of what your game should look like.


Your test cases will be a major part of your grade on this assignment. Remember, many of your functions have graphical output, which makes them difficult to test. This puts an even greater burden on how well you test your non-graphical functions. We expect to see you sustain this burden.

What to turn in: