Review Sessions

Review sessions are every week in MacMillan 115 on Thursdays from 7:30-9 PM and on Sundays from noon-1:30 PM, and both sessions each week cover the same material. No signup beforehand is required!

Review sessions are optional review time in small groups with TAs that are focused on recent topics in class and are largely driven by student questions. These are a great resource to get all of your conceptual questions about lecture topics answered without any waiting at TA Hours!

These sessions are a great opportunity to work through questions and reinforce concepts with TAs in a small group setting.

Review Session TAs

Devanshi Nishar (dnishar) '18

Outside of TAing 15, I'm also on Bluestockings management and am decent at limbo!

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Hannah He (hhe2) '19

I'm planning on double concentrating in English and Computer Science. I'm also in Kappa Delta and enjoy playing volleyball in my free time.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Kaila Jeter (kjeter1) '19

A potential CS concentrator, a WiSE mentor, and a Kanye fan.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Olabade Omole (oomole) '17

I'm concentrating in Cognitive Science and I am a Physical Sciences Tour Guide as well as a Camp Kesem Coordinator and Counselor. I love unicorns, ice cream, and dragons.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None