Nov 1

Good choice!

You chose the best final project!


Pacman TAs


Dan Ziring (dziring) '17: Outside of TAing, I'm very involved in BOLT (Brown Outdoor Leadership Training) and can probably be found hiding out on the East Bay Bike Path.
Pre-CS15 Experience: None


Adrian Turcu (aturcu) '19

I'm a PLME student concentrating in either CS or Computational Biology (still can't decide...). In my free time I like playing basketball and Super Smash Bros.

Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer Science

Chantal Toupin (ctoupin) '19

Concentrating in CS and maybe History. I'm a co-president of BOMBS (Brown Organization for Multiracial and Biracial Students), I play club frisbee, and I'm a huge San Francisco Giants fan!

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Chinenye Uduji (cuduji) '19

I hope to concentrate in CS and either Africana or Ethnic Studies, but I luckily still have time to decide! I am also involved in Mosaic+ and the Black Student Union (Treasurer).

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Hannah Tipperman (htipperm) '19

I'm concentrating in CS, and I'm a member of Hack@Brown, Brown EP, and AXO.

Pre-CS15 Experience: A few CS classes in highschool, but no Java.

Jide Omekam (jomekam) '18

I am currently concentrating in Computer Science- Economics. Outside of TAing, I am an RPL and involved in Mosaic+, TEALS, and the Black Student Union.

Pre-CS15 Experience: Aside from basic HTML, I had little to no background in Computer Science.

Justine Breuch (jbreuch) '18

I'm double concentrating in Computer Science and English. Staff Writer for BRP, volunteer for Learning Exchange, political junkie and passionate binger of Netflix / HBO.

Pre-CS15 Experience: I did a coding bootcamp before but it focused predominantly on web development so CS15 was mostly new concepts.

Kaila Jeter (kjeter1) '19

A potential CS concentrator, a WiSE mentor, and a Kanye fan.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Kei Nakagawa (knakagaw) '17

I'm double concentrating in CS and Psych! When not in class or TAing, you can find me doing improv or staying hydrated.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Kyu Bin Kwon (kk14) '18

Besides programming I also love the animation and graphics side of CS, and I draw digitally in my free time.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Lauren Ho (lho1) '19

When I am not working on CS related things, I love to write stories, exercise (namely swimming and biking), and wait for the next season of Game of Thrones to come out.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Peter Frisch (pfrisch) '18

I am an APMA-CS concentrator. I play trombone in the Jazz Band and in a few student groups.

Pre-CS15 Experience: I took a course in Python prior to cs15

Purvi Goel (pgoel2) '19

I'm going to concentrate in Computer Science. Outside of TAing, I'm on the women's varsity squash team and write for a few publications on campus.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Rachael Tipperman (rtipperm) '19

I'm a CS concentrator involved in Hack@Brown, BrownEP, and Kappa Alpha Theta! I spend most of my free time trying to get a booth in the Blue Room.

Pre-CS15 Experience: Some CS classes in high school (nothing with Java) and robotics (VEX, FRC, and FTC).

Robert Ju (rju) '18

I'm a CS-Econ concentrator and also serve as a Meiklejohn. I love poker, pennyboarding, and boba.

Pre-CS15 Experience: Made a few things using a drag-and-drop interface before Brown.

Samir Gadre (sagadre) '18

When I'm not moonlighting as an actor for CS15 skits, I am involved with an environmental education group and am part of the frisbee team!

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Sandy Harvie (charvie) '19

Concentrating in CS! I love Game of Thrones, surfing, and fly fishing.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Sarah Kim (skim6) '19

I'm thinking about concentrating in Computational Biology. I am a Meiklejohn, a research assistant in a neuroscience lab, and a member of Brown's only pirate acapella group! (We killed the other one)

Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer science

Sarah Pratt (sp21) '18

I am studying APMA-CS. Besides CS, I love visual arts and have taken many classes in the visa department. I am also a member of Artbeat (Brown's club for community art).

Pre-CS15 Experience: I had almost no background in CS, mostly involving coding on my graphing calculator.