Nov 16

Welcome to Othello

Nov 16

"Othello was the best play I wrote"

-William Shakespeare

Othello TAs


Sophia Hsiao (shsiao) '18: I'm a CS concentrator, especially interested in computational biology! I'm a Coloradoan, a scuba diver and a member of WiCS.
Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer Science and Women's Technology Program


Elaine Jiang (ejiang1) '19

I'm concentrating in CS (and possibly psychology), and I'm part of Brown Science Prep, WiCS and CSA. I love rollercoasters and watermelon.

Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer Science.

Hans Sun (hsun5) '19

Bay Area, CS + Econ. Extracurricular activities include eating food and sleeping all day everyday.

Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer Science

Katie Chu (kchu) '19

Some of the things I'm involved in include club running (check out Blackstone if you haven't already!) and the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

Pre-CS15 Experience: Took one object-oriented programming class in high school

Laura Blackstone (lblackst) '19

I'm concentrating in CS & Pure Math, and am in Swing Club, Juggling Club, and Taekwondo. I also love running, hiking, kayaking, boffer, cooking, painting, and napping.

Pre-CS15 Experience: I had used python for math classes, but never took a formal programming class before CS15.

Nia Sanders (nsanders) '19

I'm double concentrating in CS and Performance Studies. I'm a member of Dance Extension, Brown Aerial Arts, and Quest Scholars @ Brown.

Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer Science

Olivia Recabo (orecabo) '17

I'm concentrating in neuroscience, co-president of GlobeMed at Brown, a leader and mentor for BOLT (Brown Outdoor Leadership Training), and when not in the sci li or CIT, can likely be found picking things up and putting things down at the Nelson.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Rachel Markell (rnmarkel) '18

I'm double concentrating in CS and MCM & I'm really into poetry, socks and Taylor Swift.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Samantha Mayfield (smayfiel) '18

I'm concentrating in CS. I'm a member of Disney A Cappella and a huge fan of drinking coffee.

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Tristin Falk-LeFay (tfalklef) '19

Outside of TAing I'm involved in intramural sports (flag football, ultimate frisbee, soccer), club sports (rugby & running, when I have time), and the QuestBridge Mentoring program. I also like playing guitar, working out, and taking long walks on the beach.

Pre-CS15 Experience: Computer Programming + Web Design prior to CS15