Nov 1

Help Session

The Indy help session is at 4:30pm this Friday. Remember, you should still attend one of the other project's help sessions during class on Thursday as a back up!

Indy holds TA hours by appointment only. Get in touch with your TA to schedule an appointment!

Indy TAs


Divya Mahadevan (dmahadev) '17: I'm a CS concentrator (computer graphics is really cool). Outside of TAing, I love reading, drawing, cooking, and binge watching Netflix/HBO.
Pre-CS15 Experience: None


Grant Fong (gfong1) '19

Besides TAing, I help organize Hack@Brown and am a Peer Mental Health Counselor for Projects LETS. I also enjoy cycling in my free time and participate in Club Cycling

Pre-CS15 Experience: None

Todd Ashley (tashley) '18

I'm double concentrating in Engineering and CS, love producing music, and watch a lot of soccer.

Pre-CS15 Experience: I had some MATLAB experience but overall knew pretty much nothing!

Zach Kirschenbaum (zkirsche) '19

When I'm not working on skits, I spend my time in the Graphics Lab, the Queer Alliance, and the Beta Rho Pi fraternity. Hobbies include fomo, falling asleep early, and being too self-reflective.

Pre-CS15 Experience: AP Computer Science