CS009: Computers and Human Values
Department of Computer Science, Brown University
Notes, November 11th -- Roger B. Blumberg

Sunstein III: Democracy, Democracies and the Internet

Introduction: Topics for the Second Essay

We'll begin by reading all the topics and trading questions and comments. We'll then turn to a final discussion of Sunstein's republic.com. Some questions we might consider:

Identifying the Domains of Politics, Knowledge and Ethics

We'll decide on the final form of the 3rd unit of the Seminar syllabus today, and try to come up with preliminary distinctions between the subjects of epistemology (i.e. ideas about knowledge), politics (i.e. ideas about government); and ethics (i.e.ideas about .... what?).

For Tuesday:: Read Chapter 8 of Duncan Langford's Internet Ethics, and remember that the papers are due by the end of the day on Wednesday, the 17th.

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