Welcome to CS2!

CSCI 0020: The Digital World removes the mystery surrounding computers and the ever-growing digital world. The course introduces a range of topics and many aspects of multimedia, along with explanations of the underlying digital technology and its relevance to our society. Other topics include artificial intelligence, IT security, ethics and the economics of computing as well as the effects of its pervasiveness in today's world. Introductory programming and analytic skills are developed through HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python assignments. CS2 is a good introduction to a wide range of CS topics that have broad relevance in our society.

There are no prerequisites for this course. CS2 cannot be taken to fulfill CS Concentration requirements and is designed for non CS concentrators.


The next offering of CS0020 will be during the Fall 2022 semester. The course offering can be found on Courses@Brown and we hope to see you all in August!